7 Best Places to Visit for Australians during the Winter Season

Winter in Australia is scorching summer in the rest of the world. Now that this is out of the way, we can understand that during winter for Australia, international tourism would naturally be in summer to other countries of the world.

Choosing the perfect holiday destination can always be tricky. Every place in the world offers a set of unique attractions that might truly be it’s very own. People with certain preferences would always have fun in certain places and not so much in others.

If you wish to get out of Australian winter this season and enjoy summer elsewhere, you have many options. Be sure to get currency exchange in Melbourne or any other part of the country. Have your foreign currency at hand before you set off on that travel.

Places to Visit for Australians during the Winter

1. Majestic Barcelona

From historic architecture to modern big city vibe and everything in between, old Barca boasts it all. In natural and manmade beauty, Barcelona is amongst the very best in the world. Just Google the city’s name and you will come up with a ton of places to visit.

Also, there is much to do in the city once you are done sightseeing as well. Football fans will have a blast here as well. FC Barcelona has a home in the heart of the city too. Beautifully themed parks and electric vibes of nightclubs are all available at arm’s length.

The weather in Barcelona during the winter in Australia is some of the best as well. Scorching sun with mild to hot temperatures provides just the relief from winter you need. Hotels are amazing and the food is great. What more can you wish for in terms of a holiday destination?

2. Wonders of Thailand

Discuss international tourism in any gathering and Thailand is sure to make the cut in most situations. All those small natural islands provide just the time anyone needs. Plus, when you consider the all-year tropical weather of Thailand, there is simply no bad time to visit there.

Thailand is also one of the most affordable tourist places in the world. Phuket is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country with many more being right up there too. You need to do well to find a place here that is not worth seeing.

Also, modern Thailand is home to some of the best nightclubs and big city vibes as well. Traveling has improved drastically in the past few years in the country. In a single trip, you can do so much there. Be sure to have your currency exchange in Perth service before arriving to avoid inconvenience at all.

3. Adventures of Argentina

Wish to see manmade wonders like pyramids as big (if not bigger) as those of Egypt and lush forests altogether? That is exactly what you get in Argentina. Some hidden pyramids in Argentina are even bigger than those in Egypt.

It’s just that pyramids here are not so well exposed to get talked about like those in Egypt. Yet, not being exposed is in this case a good thing. Covering these pyramids in Argentina are some of the lushest thickets of forests.

A single expedition in the country brings so much adventure altogether. Read on the internet and you will find out how beautiful the jungles of Argentina are. Just be sure to avoid the indigenous people (if there are any left) and you are good to go.

4. Historical Rome

If you like historical artifacts, structures, and cities in general, Rome is the place to be. Winter in Australia is summer in Europe. Italy gets one of the best summer seasons in all of Europe as well. It’s filled with history and is modern in a unique way as well.

From Roman architecture like the world-famous Colosseum and many others to worthy modern European architecture, the city has it all. Many people visit only Rome in Europe and no other city. There is simply so much to do and visit here in itself.

Be sure to get a quality city map if you are to visit Rome though. It has such a complex system of streets that anyone can get lost pretty easily. However, the quality and service of the old-themed hotels is something to talk about for years in Rome.

5. Menace in Venice

Keeping our focus on Italy for now, Venice is one of the least talked about best tourist destinations in Europe. Imagine building a great city which is all old style and modern at the same time. Now fill water in its streets and have boats instead of cars.

This is exactly what there is in Venice. Many people consider it as being a city of dreams. You do your groceries in a boat. Does it get any better than that? It doesn’t if you ask us. Also, summertime (which is winter in Australia) is the best time of the year to visit Venice.

A recent blockbuster Spiderman: Far from Home showcased Venice in all of its glory. It is a beautiful city that is very romantic to its core as well. Honeymooners and young couples particularly have a great time in this great city.

6. Gorgeous Bali

Setting our sails Asia-bound, Bali has not been nicknamed ‘Heaven on Earth for anything. Natural landscapes that make you forget anything you have seen ever before are a normality in Bali. Oh, and we didn’t even mention how cheap the place is for international tourists.

You can get a quality hotel for so cheap in Bali with delicious local food included for all three meals. The weather is great in summer as well. The sun gets so low during the sunset time that beaches provide a unique charm of their own.

And yes, Bali is home to some of the most beautiful beaches worldwide. Calm waters with warm sand under your feet are what you get. Be sure to get the Indonesian Rupiah from your city in Australia before you leave. A quality foreign exchange in Melbourne should be able to help.

7. Nature in Hanoi

The Vietnamese city of Hanoi is among the most famous tourist cities in the world as well. From affordable quality hotels to some of the most beautiful beaches, Hanoi has it all. The city has French and Chinese influence in its architecture and culture.

Food in Hanoi is some of the most flavorful you can ever wish to get. Locals are very friendly as well offering Australians quality hospitality. The only thing you need to worry about is street crime. Theft, robbery, and snatching are quite common in Hanoi.

However, all things considered, Hanoi presents some of the best tour packages in the world. It is also easy to get to Australia. Winter in Australia would be summer in Hanoi. Providing more reasons to visit the city for all.

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