Planning a Family Ski Holiday? 5 Top Tips for Success

From gourmet meals to adventurous black runs, and romantic evenings to early morning snow fights, a family skiing holiday has something for everyone. Make sure you get it right with our top five tips for success.

Pick the Right Time

We are all slaves to the school holidays. Since this restricts us to expensive, busy periods, it pays to do your research and make sure your break coincides with the best snow. If your kids are too young for school, make the most of it and opt for off-peak weeks in January, March, and April. For slightly older families, the Easter break is a great choice. The weather in European destinations is not only warmer during March and April, but the daylight hours are longer too, giving you the most time on the slopes.

Research Accommodation

Accommodation choices for skiing holidays are very varied and largely dependent on your destination and budget. A great way to keep the costs down on a skiing break, inviting other families with children of a similar age makes hiring whole chalets cost-effective. You can also tag team the childcare responsibilities, allowing mums and dads to have an evening alone. If you have slightly older children, a club resort is the answer. With a choice of evening entertainment, daytime activities, and a safe environment, teenagers have the freedom to do their own thing. Not sure what’s the best option for you? Companies such as Momentum Ski can advise you on all the available options and suggest which will work best for you.

Take Lessons

If you want to make sure you’re ready to hit the slopes the minute you touch down, taking lessons at an indoor slope at home might be just the answer. These are also a great way to introduce the kids to the basics before they hit the nursery slopes. Giving everyone the confidence they need to feel safe on the mountains can make all the difference between a great family experience and a holiday flop.

Plan Ahead

Most popular ski destinations offer a variety of childcare options, from private nannies to English-speaking creches. These are all in very high demand and often booked up for weeks, so it pays to book childcare well in advance.

Renting ski equipment at your destination is the best way to save on extra baggage costs and the inconvenience of carrying heavy bags around. It is best to work out exactly what everyone needs and pre-order it, since demand is always high, and many resorts have limited numbers of items in children’s sizes.

Limit The Snow Time

This sounds a bit counterintuitive when you’ve spent a small fortune flying the family out to the ski slopes, but it is important for family harmony if nothing else. You might be happy to tolerate the cold for long periods but it’s a new environment for the kids, navigating deep snow with heavy clothes and lots of equipment. Limit the amount of time they spend on the slopes and intersperse it with other fun activities. That way everyone will still be up early and excited to get out on the new snow first thing in the morning.

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