Important Things You’ll Need if You’re Holidaying on a Motorcycle

Holidays are great fun; we look forward to them all year, and they seem to come and go in the blink of an eye. So it’s important to make the most of them and do everything you can to have the best possible time. Of all the holidays you’ve been on it’s unlikely you’ve been on holiday on a motorcycle before.

Motorcycles are awesome. They’re fast, don’t take up too much space, and give you the freedom to go where you want. You might think about traveling around by motorcycle on a regular holiday. But if you want to go one step further you could even think about going on a road trip holiday on your motorcycle. Maybe you could get some friends to go with you, or perhaps you’re the sort who enjoys your own company.

Either way, if you’re going on holiday on a motorcycle you’ll need to make sure you have important things with you. You’ll need to prepare yourself for the fact that you’re holidaying on a bike. So there’ll be restrictions on what you can bring. That’s why you need to pack the essentials, like these:

Your Bike

First up, of course, you’re going to need the bike itself. But going on holiday on your motorcycle is a lot different than driving it to work or around the local area. For one thing, you’re going to be on the road a lot longer. You might also need to negotiate uneven terrain and adverse weather conditions. Because of this, it’s important to make sure your bike’s been well-serviced and taken care of before you go.


No road trip would be complete without supplies. You need to make sure you have plenty of food and water with you at all times. You might be riding for a long time. You may be traveling across hot, arid countries. So you need to make sure you’re hydrated and fed. This way you’ll keep up your energy levels, and you’ll stay safe. You might also want to think about packing a map and compass or GPS device, along with a spare canister of fuel. You will most certainly need these things at some point.


It’s all well and good taking all this stuff with you, but you’re on a bike, so you need somewhere to store it. It’s not like you can just pop the trunk and fill it with stuff. And you can’t very well carry things in your arms. What you need is one of those pull-behind motorcycle trailers that can carry a heavy load. If you can hook one of these up to your bike, you’ll be able to fill it with all the essential supplies you need. This way you get the useful practicality of having a boot, but you still avoid having to take a car.


Don’t forget that even though you might be limited in space you still need to pack clothes. You are going on holiday, after all, remember! But you don’t need to pack as much as you would if you were staying in a hotel. You might be a light packer. And you might decide you want to take the bare minimum of clothing and then buy clothes on the road. This is a useful way of keeping your packing light and being able to get a hold of clothes more appropriate to the local climates.

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