13 Best Travel Writing Tips for Beginners

To do something wonderful, you will have to face many difficulties and tough challenges, and for this, you need passion. If you have the passion to travel through different countries and explore the world, you will start enjoying your travels. If, apart from enjoying, you learn the skill of telling your travel stories to others, keeping them engaged with your stories, you can be a successful travel writer too. To do so, let’s discuss some useful tips you should keep in mind while writing on a travel.

Travel Writing Tips

1. Have A Mindset: Before starting to write, you should bookmark the places or events to be discussed. It makes writing easy as you already know what to discuss in the article.

2. Set A Tone: The story should be in the narrative form and the tense used should be past indefinite tense. Tense should not be changed in different paragraphs, unless you are going to quote someone’s words.

3. Pay Attention To The Reader: Try to use simple language. The focus should be given to the readers, not to your language skills or vocabulary. The simpler you write, the more readers come. No need to be over smart by using difficult words. Most of the readers just skip difficult words and keep going with the rest of the article.

4. Set Goals: Some travels have specific goals. For example, to reach the top of Mount Everest in Nepal, to watch a football or cricket match in a country, etc. If you have set a goal of your travel, do mention it.

5. Make Your Start Count: Any travel begins with a person’s departure from home who has a destination in his mind where he wants to travel. But travel writing doesn’t go the same way. The story should be started with an interesting scene, not with your catching the bus and then the plane.

6. Pay Attention to Big Events: You are going to write for the readers, not for yourself. Small things like the condition of hotel you stayed in, the behavior of hotel management, and other such unnecessary things would not entertain the audience. The focus should be on the big events like visit to a cultural seminar, a famous mall or building, parks, etc. Such things need to be mentioned in detail.

7. Give Accurate Information: The information needs to be accurate. If you spread fake information about, just to make the article spicy and attractive, it may attract the audience for time being, but later on, they would prefer to keep away from your articles even if you start giving right information later on.

8. Don’t Spread Hate: Mishaps are part of our daily life. If you have had a mishap on our travel, regardless of the reason of mishap, you need not to mention that in our article. This may spread hate towards the place you have visited. Such mishaps may be because of some political, religious, social or any kind of reasons. But as we all know, such things happen in almost every country. So if you tell something bad about one country, because that bad thing happened to you, it will reflect the negative image of the country. On the other hand, many such bad things happen to other people in other countries on daily basis. But you don’t write on them in your articles because they didn’t happen to you, and it is not right.

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9. Write Quotes: Write quotes from different locals. You also need to give a brief introduction of the person; you are going to quote. Quotes from locals can be written in direct speech and elaborated if needed.

10. Give The Reader Tips About Travel: You need to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Think what a reader wants to know after reading your article. We all travel to somewhere every day, but travelling and telling a travel story are two different things. While telling the story, you need to have a combination of the right information and ability to transform it into words.

11. Do Not Write About Irrelevant Stuff: You are going to tell the readers about the place and the experience you had at that place. So you need to be specific about the place and your experience there. No need to tell the readers about your routine over there.

12. Make Your Travel A Motivation For Others: The story should have a lesson in it. It means that if someone reads or listens to your travel story, he gets an encouragement to go there one day.

13. Give Proper Guidance To The Readers: Advise the readers about the place in your story. What should they do and what should they not, if they ever visit that place. This will help the readers get the concept of rules and regulations so they may not face any problem.

There can be a lot more, but if you try to follow only the above mentioned tips for travel writing, there is a strong case that you can become a successful travel guide and writer. When the people will start following you, you will feel even better and will try to write as good as you can. This daily practice will make your talent blossom very soon.

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