Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta

The time you choose to visit Puerto Vallarta can make all the difference. Puerto Vallarta is a famed resort known enough for its idyllic jungle-backed sea beaches and azure water, happily tucked onto Mexico’s Pacific coast. The dry and pleasantly cool winter and colorful spring seasons can be expensive, but an extraordinary whale-watching experience might make the peak travel-season splurge truly memorable. In contrast to spring and winter, the sultry summer is a budget traveler’s dream, as long as you do not bother about the excessive heat and frequent rain showers.

Autumn season witnesses the Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), a traditional Mexican custom in which families pay tribute to their deceased ancestors and loved ones by setting up colorful altars adorned with several offerings for the departed souls. The prices for various goods and souvenirs remain low during this time of the year, and the weather remains sunny.

Why Do People Love To Travel To Puerto Vallarta?

From a tourism point of view, Puerto Vallarta is a chief attraction. Strolling across the cobbled streets of Puerto Vallarta will take you to some of the most traditional hotspots, such as the famed Romantic Zone, known for its traditional food courts, marts, and galleries.

Exploring Puerto Vallarta is super easy. Puerto Vallarta’s downtown area is quite small and, thus, can be easily explored. The streets are usually crowds-free, and you can explore the city just by walking. If you wish to explore the areas that aren’t walkable, you can hire a car for rent. The city is the perfect holidaying destination for friends, couples, solo travelers, and families. The city presents an enticing range of activities, attractions, and restaurants.

An entire week may be required to explore this charming city, and you may still discover more and more new sightseeing places. One of the chief highlights of this holiday destination is the UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site, Islas Marietas.

This site is one of the best tourist attractions for lovers of marine life. Islas Marietas is a famed marine sanctuary exhibiting exotic sea turtles, dolphins, and sea pods.

Best Time To Visit Puerto Vallarta Generally

December to March is an ideal time for visiting Puerto Vallarta. During this period, you’ll probably be able to meet and greet humpback whales. These mighty mammals come to Banderas Bay for mating. You’ll definitely pick a lifetime experience watching these huge 30-ton water creatures leaping up from the waters. If you want to enrich your traveling experience, opt for the boat tour. The boats available for the boat tour come equipped with advanced hydrophones, which can let you listen to the interesting mating calls of the whales. Lucky tourists may see gray whales or even whale sharks during this time.

When it comes to the weather, these months are the driest and coolest. This allows you to indulge in outdoor activities like horse riding or hiking. Also, traveling with kids is not an issue during this time as the intensity of the cold isn’t that high. Furthermore, exploring the sandy beaches is much of a joy during this time.

But, the cost of traveling is pretty high during this time. As huge crowds pour in, hotels and airlines hike their rates. Lovers of spring, too, make a beeline to Puerto Vallarta in the month of March.

Travel Season That Lets You Save Bucks

Travelers who are on a budget must choose to travel during the low season, starting from July through the month of September.

However, you need to bear in mind that while the flight ticket rates are cheaper during this period of the year, many of the hotels close down from July to August to undertake their yearly repairs. Due to this, the hotel room rates do not reduce as much.

If saving on room fare is your top priority, you should consider visiting in May, June, September, or October. No matter which month of the year you choose to visit, as long as it’s not the peak travel season, you’ll be able to get discounted rates.

Also, in this low season, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of exotic sea turtles as during this time, sea turtles are released.

Furthermore, the month of September needs a special mention as far as the tourism angle is concerned. This month, the city celebrates its Independence Day pompously. Colorful fireworks lit up the sky, and the fascinating nightlife entices the night owls during this month. Traditional Mexican fiestas are the main crowd-puller during this time. That’s not all. September also witnesses National Charro Day, a special day for the Mexican cowboys. Interesting charro parades and mariachi music creates a festive atmosphere.

The Perks Of The Shoulder Season: Month Of May

May is for Gay in Puerto Vallarta. This Gay-friendly city of North America celebrates a fest during this time, welcoming numerous gay tourists from far and wide. The LGBTQ community in the city has strongly influenced its heritage, history, and culture, and this fest is celebrated to honor that community.

Useful Tip

Tourists hate rain as frequent rain showers can restrict their free movement and sightseeing tours across the city. If you, too, hate rains, then avoid the months of July and August, as these are the wettest and most humid months of the year. However, for those who do not mind the rains and are more in love with deserted streets and less crowds and chaotic environment can opt for the rainy months. All you need to do is carry a raincoat or a sturdy umbrella. Do not expect and get scared of hurricanes during this time, as hurricanes are quite rare in the city. But, one biggest challenge for tourists apart from rains is scheduling sightseeing tours and activities as many tourism companies in the city do not offer their touring services in full swing, especially for weekly and daily outings. However, the picture is not all bleak. For fishing enthusiasts, this is indeed a great time. During this time, when the rains hit the city, the Banderas Bay Fishing Tournament is organized, and fish lovers from across the globe flock in large numbers to enjoy the contest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which Are The Top 5 Tourist Attractions Of Puerto Vallarta?

Ans. The top 5 tourist attractions of Puerto Vallarta are:

1. Marina Vallarta – Marina Vallarta showcases the perfect nautical lifestyle. The chief highlights of Marina Vallarta include the golf course, culinary delights, and the boardwalk.

2. Vallarta Botanical Gardens – This famous Botanical Garden comprises three sections, namely the Cactus Garden, with varied species; the Tropical Fruit Orchard, with a mind-blowing collection of agave plants, wild palm, and Oaks; and the Conservatory of Orchids and Native Plants, with nearly 300 rare species native to Mexico.

3. Cultural Centre, Cuale River Island – If you are interested in history, art, and culture, this cultural center, with its multiple events, art exhibitions, cultural workshops, musical evenings, dance, and drama, will fascinate you.

4. Malecon Boardwalk – This iconic boardwalk captures the spirit of the city. Shops, restaurants, art and craft galleries, and sculptures make this part a bustling area full of life.

5. Romantic Zone – The Romantic Zone, also known as Zona Romantica or Viejo Vallarta (Old Town), is an exceptional treasure trove consisting of beautiful beaches and charming streets. The intimate atmosphere of the place is simply captivating.

Q2. What Is Puerto Vallarta Famous For?

Ans. The vibrant nightlife of the city hooks all attention. The magical nightlife includes Latin America’s most amazing nightclubs, music shows, and fiestas. Also, the pleasant weather and mesmerizing scenic beauty of the place pull nature-loving tourists from across the globe.

Q3. Is Traveling To Puerto Vallarta Safe?

Ans. Yes, it is. But, as a tourist, you need to use your common sense and follow the local rules and regulations to avoid unwanted hassles.


Puerto Vallarta stands out as the best when looking for places that feel like heaven on earth. To experience the best of this sun-bathed destination, you need to do some research in advance. After all, there are several good as well as bad times to visit Puerto Vallarta. With its picture-perfect emerald green coves, bountiful wildlife, and wonderful gastronomy scenes, taking a holiday in this tropical retreat will let you know why the destination is considered one of the top gems of Mexico. This article has aptly discussed the best time to travel to Puerto Vallarta and will come in handy when you are planning a tour of this mesmerizing destination.

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