Some Unexplored area in Kolkata

Each year countless vacationers and travelers visit Kolkata to travel around this stunning, ethnically lively city in India. It is pointless to speak that Kolkata gifts innumerable tourist destinations for itinerants and visitors traveling to the town from several parts of the world. There are immeasurable famous holiday spots nearby Kolkata, which have been undoubtedly traveled by just about every Kolkatan.

Here it is mentioned 6 unexplored weekend destinations from Kolkata. You will be amazed to know that such remarkable sites present in close vicinity to the city.

1. Duarsini

If peacefulness and calmness are what you are exactly seeking out all through the vacation, Duarsini is the ideal destination to visit. Around 13 kilometers from Burdwan, this tribal township is serene in genuine positions. The rustic tranquility of the community is a charming influence.

Stroll within shadowy and unruffled darks of jungles of shimul, palash, shal and piyal trees. The Satgurang River streaming historical the township communicates a mysterious fascination to the tiny destination. Next important thing that is certain to enthrall you is the deep noise of the madal. Madal is an ethnic drum, which folks play in such regions. You can book flight ticket of this place using Paytm Offer Code with great discount.

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2. Sonajhuri Forest

When the tangible structures of metropolises just initiate alarming and choking you, it is the best moment for a retreat to the landscape. If you are searching for an inaudible departure, then make a plan traveling to the Sonajhuri Woodland. The jungle is a little forward of Shantiniketan and is an unusual weekend terminus adjacent to Kolkata.

The twisting township highways, the unusual timberlands, and the smooth Kopai River – these entirely make Sonajhuri Forest an incredible attraction for comforting your exhausted mind and body. You will get superb opportunities for traveling and relishing the native art and ethos that the destination offers.

3. Pirates Party Adventure Sail

An entirely innovative way of pirate theme founded easy exploit has just commenced adjoining to Kolkata, West Bengal for all those exploration hunters out there. This is an awesome place to stay throughout the day and night close to Kolkata.

Pirates Party Adventure Sail is a one the indulgent exploit tour into the backwoods of Bengal in a novel state called New Bakkhali, close to Sagar Island and Sundarbans.

Pirates Party Sail is a 2-day and 1-night soft adventure weekend site nearby Kolkata with boat vacation and other exciting things to do here include:

  • Night Cruise & Boat party
  • Bon Fire and Camping
  • Visit Bhagbatpur Crocodile Sanctuary
  • River Creek Anchorage & Jungle Safari
  • Navigate the rivers and deep-sea into this exotic beach with a myriad of fun and activities.

4. Maithan

Maithan is situated on the Barakar River, Kolkata. Set in the firewood girdle of India, Maithan is mainly established all over the place of Maithan Dam. There is immaculate exquisiteness that the destination offers with pristine blue waters of the dam and some small peaks neighboring.

In mid of the dam, there is a miniature island that really seems as a reversed dollop. The destination has a diverse kind of splendor in the rainy season. You can take pleasure in boating in the dam waters. Other beautiful sites to explore in Maithan comprise a deer park and the Kalyaaneshwari Temple.

5. Parmadan Deer Forest

The place is popularly known as Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary; the Parmadan Forest along with reserve is positioned in North 24-Parganas and is an amazing place for celebrating picnics and for traveling during a holiday. The Ichamati River brooks via the sanctuary that offers the place irreplaceable magnetism.

A boat ride in the river provides you a unique travel experience. The Parmadan forest is a massive abode to nearly 250 deer and they can be watched often in the forest. For housing, there is a guest house in the forest area where you can stay safe and comfortable.


Dooars is well-thought-out the entrance to the hill stations of the Darjeeling and the term itself indicates from “doors” which meaning is a traveling gateway. It is popular for its ironic biodiversity and woodlands, eminent ones in the area comprise Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary, Buxa Tiger Reserve.

This amazing location is situated in the area of Manas National Park in Assam, Chapramari Wildlife Reserve, and the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.  Additionally you can book hotel at this place online using OYO Referral Code with great offers.

Journeying to these well-known unexplored destinations is not tough at all. You just have to know about their facts and then you can travel freely and hassle-free. Relish your vacations at these wonderful destinations anytime you want.

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