Role Of Mobile Phone Spy Apps In Business World

In today’s competitive business world, the entrepreneurs are in quest of tools to boost employee productivity, improve customer service and accelerate sales and profitability. Among these tools is the mobile phone spying software to track employees’ activities within and beyond the workplace. The tracking apps use employees’ smartphones as GPS navigator to provide employers valuable information about the whereabouts and happenings of the workforce. The employers can provide employees with mobile phones pre-installed with spy application to closely watch out their productivity, GPS location of mobile workers and track customer support services. This article discusses the role of mobile & PC spy applications in the progression of the businesses.

Manage Productivity

Employee productivity is the prime concern of the entrepreneurs as it directly influences the business output and income. The mobile phone spy apps allow businesses to closely watch out the activities of employees to prevent them from wasting their working hours on unproductive and personal tasks. Cell phone spy app allows employers to detect the online and offline activities of workers in real-time. It helps to identify the productive workers and unproductive workers posing to be prolific. For example, the employers can track the mobile phones of the customer support team to detect how they are communicating with the customers, how effective their communication is, and who are unable to satisfy the customers.

Data Security

Majority of the data breach incidents occur due to the negligence of the employees who accidentally respond to phishing emails or deliberately transfer the confidential company information to wrong hands. The mobile phone tracking app enables the employers to track employees’ email accounts, messengers, messages and phone calls to look for and evade the data breaches. Some spy apps also allow employers to get the keystrokes applied to the on-screen keyboard of the employees’ phones. The email address, username and password keystrokes allow logging into the email accounts of suspicious workers to find out the clues of falseness. The app also allows spying on the personal social media accounts of employees to prevent them from publicizing incorrect or confidential company information.

Monitor Mobile Workforce

The GPS location tracking feature of spy app allows carrier companies to know the current and previous locations of the mobile workforce. It helps to measure the productivity of the freelancers and employees working away from the standard workstation. A few top mobile phone surveillance apps let the employers remotely operate the microphone and cameras of the employees’ phone to record the surrounding sounds and views to be acquainted with employees’ location and activities.

Identify and Eliminate Distractions

While the internet helps businesses to expand and perform their operations effortlessly, it also causes employees to be less motivated to work. Majority of employees use company internet for personal and entertainment purposes. The android spy app provides employers with the internet browsing history of the employees’ phones to detect where the workers are spending most of their times online. Some spy apps allow employers to block the distracting and unrequired websites and mobile phone apps.

Employee Reward and Recognition

The Mobile and computer spy app allows employers to identify the productive and unproductive employees. When an employer will be aware of the employees who utilize their working hours in the best interest of the company and do not misuse the workplace technologies for personal interests, he/she would better recognize the employees deserving rewards and promotions, and those requiring close monitoring and training.

The Bottom Line

While mobile phone spy app facilitates businesses in numerous ways, it can cause privacy issues if the employer conducts spying on the areas where an employee has a legitimate expectation of privacy.

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