All You Need to Know About BMW Service

Your BMW requires specialized service occasionally to maintain the performance standards and your safety. Earlier, you had to scratch your head to remember the last time your car had gone for servicing. But now, things have changed drastically. BMW cars have Condition Based Servicing (CBS) system or Service Interval Indicator (SII) which informs you regarding the servicing.

What is CBS and SII?

CBS monitors the components of the car for the need of servicing and indicates it through an icon in the dashboard. The data of BMW service is stored in the keys of the car accessed by the mechanic and he only work on the required parts of the car.

SII never lets you miss a service and informs you the kind of service your BMW requires. Through an indicator in the dashboard, it informs the driver of the need for servicing. SII helps you to regulate the mileage of the car.

BMW Engine Oil Service

Any car, be it new or old, requires regular oil servicing to keep it running smoothly. Oil keep the parts of your BMW lubricated and helps it to run smoothly. If the oil is not replaced regularly, the parts of the car which moves will rub against each other and cause damage to those parts. Thus, it is recommended that you get oil servicing after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles of driving. After a BMW oil service, the car can perform better and increases the life span of the car.

After removing the old filter, a new oil filter is installed. The engine oil is replaced by new oil. If your BMW is going through a second oil change service, the ignition plugs are replaced too. In case of third oil replacement, new air and fuel filters are installed. The new oil in the car enhances the performance of the car.

BMW Transmission Service

To keep the BMW car in its top-notch condition, transmission services are required occasionally. The car’s speed and power depend on it and regular servicing is required. Unlike oil replacements which are supposed to take place several times a year, transmission service is required once in every two or three years. During replacement, the transmission fluid is replaced which prevents friction among the parts of the car. In order to identify this kind of service, simply notice the service engine indicator which lights up and the movement of the car becomes jerky.

BMW Vehicle Check

To ensure that every part of the car is well-maintained and fully functional vehicle check is required. The various kinds of BMW services are:

  1. Holiday check
  2. Summer check
  3. Pre-monsoon check
  4. Light check
  5. Safety check

BMW Seasonal Check

Your car needs to fit in with the weather. The different seasons require BMW to be in its perfect condition to run non-stop. The engineers go through the brakes, windscreen wipers, lights, tyres, fan belts, and other critical parts to ensure smooth functioning of the car.

BMW AC Check

Before the air conditioning system in your car requires severe repairs, it is better to go for AC servicing. To have a comfortable journey in your car, AC should function efficiently. The mechanic in the service centre ensures a pleasant and healthy climate within the car. A BMW AC service includes:

  1. Checking the current performance of the AC.
  2. Filling the coolant fluid in the cooling system.
  3. Maintaining cleanliness within the AC system to allow it to blow only clean air.

BMW Service is essential to provide you with the correct frame of mind while driving. A car brand like BMW must be maintained well because it is an epitome of pride and prestige for the owner. A proper inspection of the car ensures your safety along with better running condition of the car.

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