The Most Popular Travel Worthy Music festivals in Goa – Complete Guide

Music Festivals in Goa – Apart from beaches, water sports, and nightlife Goa is also famous for the live music festival and Goa Carnival. Many religious, music, dance & food festivals are celebrated in Goa with extreme enthusiasm which attracts the tourist most.

It is a land of worship and beach parties with an unlimited fun activities. This city of happy-go-lucky people welcomes tourists from all over the world to show its glamour and dazzling celebrations. It is a place that gives the best experience of a live music concert which you never feel before.

The serene sands of Goa erupt into psychedelic brilliance with many music festivals every year. Here we mention some best music festivals in Goa which you need to attend once in your life. Goa is the only place in India that offers more than you expect including beach parties, cultural feasts, music festivals, Christmas celebrations, and New Year celebration party festivals.

Top 6 Most Popular Music Festivals in Goa

Goa Carnival

It is one of the biggest annual festivals in Goa, which is held in February. Goa’s carnival commemorates the beginning of Lent, which starts forty days before easter begins. It is a four-day long festival that gives a spectacular view of Goan cultures and traditions.

With Colourful floats, feasts, live music, dance, fire, and acrobatic performances it is one of the major celebrations in Goa which gives a good festive vibe. The celebration takes place from Panaji and continues to Margao. So if you are planning to visit Goa then don’t miss this festival.

Ideal Location: Panaji, Mapusa, Margao, Vasco Da Gama

Christmas Music Festivals in Goa

One of the famous festivals in Goa is celebrated all across the State. Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in Goa and everyone wants to be a part of this feast. As it is a state of Portuguese influence it is celebrated with full of joy, dance, music, carols, twinkling lights, and fireworks.

It is fully loaded with midnight mass in the ancient churches of Goa, with Christmas trees and glittery decorations. You can see many music-theme-based parties in Goa on this occasion.

New Year Celebration Festival

No one is a better place than Goa for a New Year celebration where you can see lots of crowds. Tourists from all around the world come here to celebrate this occasion. This is one of the most vibrant festivals in Goa, where you can enjoy Goan trances music, wild full-moon parties, scenic views of the sea, and fireworks that lightning up the city.

The New Year is one of the best Music festivals in Goa with an open-air beach party, Clubs parties, and Rave parties including fun-loving activity also. It is considered the peak tourist season in Goa, where most of the happing party organise at this time.

Sunburn Music Festival in Goa

For music lover Sunburn festival in Goa is always a top priority. With an Indian and International DJ’s live performance, it gives the best experience of your life. The Celebration starts on New Year’s eve in all major places like Vagator or Calangute Beach.

This music festival is no stranger for music lovers where they can enjoy all electronic music, trance music, Indian mash-up, and dance. The excellent lineup of artists and the young vibe attract millions of tourists every year and want to be a part of this music festival. So want to be a part of this festival then book your ticket in advance.

Sao Joao Festival

Sao Joao is one of the traditional feasts in Goa which is celebrated on 24th June every year. It involves the celebration of the beginning of the monsoon season and it is fully loaded with excellent music, folk dancers, food, and fenny.

On this occasion village youth wear crowns of leaves & feathers, carrying bottles of Fenny and it is a symbol of merriment and joy. So want to have some fun in the monsoon season then join this feast and know the culture of Goa and its spirits.

International Film Festival

It is one of the famous events in Goa which is held at the end of November every year. The festival hosts film screenings representing various languages. It is a perfect place to glimpse some favorite international actors and filmmakers. This year International Film Festival starts on the 20th of November and ends on the 28th of November, so book your tickets in advance.

So these are some famous music festivals in Goa along with the best traditional feast which is held in Goa every year. Goa is a travel-worthy location if you are looking for some best festivals like Christmas, New Year Events, and Carnival, which makes this place one of the favorite destinations for tourists.

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