How to Gain Weight Fast

If you desire to gain weight, you should adopt the right steps for it. Gorging on donuts or soft drinks may help you gain weight, but it may harm your health also. If by any chance you’re underweight, you need to secure a perfect muscle mass rather than an unhealthy tummy fat. An individual may be underweight because of many reasons. They can be poor nutrition, eating habits, etc. Healthy weight-gaining tips are best to achieve balanced body weight. Here are some most significant hints on how to gain weight fast and are safe:

Eat healthy nutritious food

The diet should include foods that help to put on weight. It should be rich in nutrients, more calories. Eat foods that have high healthy carbs and fats. Your food ought to contain vegetables and fruits, whole grain cereals, nuts, and seeds. Non-vegetarians should eat meat and egg to gain weight.

Perform regular exercise

Exercises like strength training are beneficial to gain weight. If you exercise in a daily routine, it will help to keep you healthy and also to increase your appetite. You should try a mix of cardio, yoga, and weight training exercises. This will assist you with accomplishing an ideal body weight.

Try not to Smoke

Smoking is unsafe for your well-being. It first damages your respiratory issues, and then makes its way to a general weight loss. Smoking reduces the efficiency of body functions. People who smoke have less urge for hunger. So, when you stop smoking, your craving to eat more increases. Your capacity to taste and smell increases when you stop smoking. This helps you to eat more.

Take proper sleep

Satisfactory sleep is significant for good health. It also improves the mental health of a person. Sleep helps in improving the digestion and metabolism of the body. This is a significant factor for putting on weight. Taking a short sleep of about thirty to forty minutes in the afternoon is beneficial. It helps to relax your muscles and brain.

Eat mini-meals at frequent breaks

An underweight individual may feel full quicker. They should eat five to six small meals a day. This helps to avoid unhealthy snacking. We should eat healthy foods like nuts, dark chocolate, etc. Try to eat small meals at frequent intervals. This is beneficial for our health. It promotes digestion and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Have a complete health check-up

Regular check-ups increase lifespan and improve health. It helps to diagnose any health issue at an earlier stage. Health examinations help in staying away from or stopping any development of illness. This is beneficial for a safe and healthy life. Health check-ups include physical check-ups and screening. Screening may be in form of scans or lab tests.

Follow healthy habits

Don’t add soda to your diet to gain weight. Instead try some healthy juices, shakes, and smoothies. You should not eat junk, processed foods. Add healthy nutritious energy food to your diet. Unhealthy food may give rise to lifestyle diseases. Try to replace dietary supplements to gain weight with healthy nutritious food.

Replace tea with healthy smoothies and shakes

A good shake or smoothie gives quick energy to the body. It is full of calories and healthy. Use full-fat milk to make your smoothies. But, drinking tea causes inflammation in the body. Tea may cause other problems such as sleep disorders, constipation, etc. There may be a loss of nutrients in our body on regular drinking of tea.

Best Foods to Gain Weight

Gaining weight for some people is as troublesome as reducing weight is for other people. Many persons imagine that by eating junk food they can put on weight. This isn’t accurate. But you can gain weight by adding healthy, nutritious foods to your diet. Here are the best foods sources you ought to eat to gain weight fast:


Avocados contain unsaturated fats and are high in minerals. They contain fats that are useful for your heart. Eating avocados improves vision and is healthy for the heart. It helps in natural purification and enhances absorption. They are a perfect choice for a weight-gaining diet.


Cheese is a rich origin of calcium, protein, fat, and calories. You should eat full-fat cheeses to gain weight. It is an energy-dense food, so we should have it in limit. It would be better if you eat cheese with less energy density foods like vegetables and fruits. Cheese is available in various forms like gouda, parmesan, goat, etc.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a good amount of calories and fats. It consists of anti-oxidants good for health. Eating dark chocolate helps to improve the flow of blood, and the functioning of the brain. It is helpful to control cholesterol and pulse. Chocolate that has at least seventy percent cacao substance help to gain weight.


Eggs are the most adaptable and best food varieties on the planet. You can eat eggs in many varieties. They may be in form of poaching, scramble, fry, or omelet. Eggs have high protein content and contain healthy fats. They contain necessary nutrients like minerals, vitamins, etc.

Fats and Oils

Oils, for example, those made from avocados and olives, contribute calories. These oils are rich in healthy unsaturated fats. Canola oil has plenty of monounsaturated fats and omega-3. It is the most ideal choice for multi-purpose cooking oil. Lighter oils like grape seeds and walnut oil are the best option for dressing salads.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are one of the delicious food items that help to gain weight. It has a powerhouse of nutrients essential for good health. The bars have dried fruits and nuts that make it an ideal feast. You should not eat the bars as a meal. But you should choose them as a midday snack.


Consuming milk helps to gain weight by nature and fast. Milk has a good content of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It also contains good content of vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Milk products can be in the form of yogurt, paneer, etc. Yogurt is rich in probiotics and helps to boost immunity. Milk is rich in calcium that helps to strengthen the bones.


Eating nuts can help you to gain weight. Nuts are rich in nutrients like vitamins, fats, minerals, etc. They are beneficial in increasing muscle mass. Nuts are a good option to meet your mid-meals cravings. You can add them to your smoothies, shakes, salads, or vegetables. Nuts can be in form of Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, etc.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter helps to gain weight in a safe manner. It is a good source of minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins. This butter helps to control diabetes, improves heart health. It also has anti-cancer properties. You can add peanut butter to your milkshakes. Add peanut butter to your waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, or fruits and vegetables.


Potatoes are rich in carbs and starch that helps you to put on weight. They are available worldwide, taste delicious, and are cheap. You should eat potatoes by boiling or baking them. Eating potato chips, French fries are not a good option. Potatoes have low sodium content and have a good content of fiber.

Red Meat

Red meat has a high amount of fats and protein that help to build muscles. Don’t eat more slender bits. You can pick fattier slices of the meat to add more calories to your eating routine. This is helpful to gain weight and strengthens your body. Our body absorbs iron in the best manner from red meat.


Rice is rich in carbohydrates and plays an important role in weight gain. It is a good source of fiber, antioxidants, and nutrients. The most ideal decision of eating rice are biryani, fried rice, etc. The flavor of rice tastes best with vegetables and proteins. Rice is available all over the world in different forms. It may vary with its size, colour, and texture.


Salmon contains high content of omega-3, protein, and healthy fats. It is rich in proteins, vitamin B, and potassium. Protein is beneficial to build blocks of amino acids, use and scatter all through the body. This makes salmon a perfect choice of food to gain weight. Salmon helps to fight inflammation and boost brain health.

Starchy Foods

Starchy foods strengthen the muscles of the body. They also help to boost weight gain. These foods add calories and nourish energy in glucose form. Some of the starchy foods are corn, legumes, etc. These starchy foods are calorie-dense.

Whole-grain Cereals

Whole grain cereals are healthy options of food to gain weight. They have a good source of nutrients. It helps to control blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Whole grains help to lower cholesterol and make you feel full. These grains help to maintain the natural fiber. Whole grains can be in form of wheat, oats, barley, sorghum, etc.

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