Buying Games Online

Thanks to our mobile phones getting smarter and more advanced, it’s becoming the number one thing we can’t let go off. People are constantly clutching their hand-held devices as if they were going to lose it. Whenever you see someone using their phones they’re either scrolling through their social media pages or playing games. Their laser like focus directed at the screens as they push several buttons to win whatever they are playing.

The video game industry has experienced a major shakeup thanks to the proliferation of smartphones. Games that were once so popular on the PlayStation and X-Box had to rework themselves to fit into a smaller screen. Access to these games has never been better too. Unlike traditional consoles where you had to go to an actual store to buy one, with smartphones everything is done online.

The Ultimate Gaming Store

If you want to download a game, you could easily do that by visiting the play store app which has all the games available to use. The games come in a variety of genres that no matter whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find it. There’s action, adventure, role-playing, puzzles, and even those geared towards education. A lot of them are free too so there’s no loss when you don’t really like a game. Unlike before when you had to buy a game then find out while playing it that it’s not that fun. Not all games are free, though. Some you have to pay for. But, comparing it to the prices of traditional consoles, these are a fraction of the cost.

The Freemium Concept

A new video game concept that was introduced through the smartphone is the concept of freemium. These are games that you could get and play for free. But, if you wanted to get special items or access some exclusive levels, then that’s when you’d need to pay. It’s an interesting and open idea because it’s a way to let everyone try the game for free to see if they would like it, but the manufacturers would make money by enticing the players with in-game specialties. For a player, this is ideal because they get to try it out first before putting any money down. The last thing they want is to pay for a game they’re unsure about.

More Games for Kids

Another interesting trend happening for smartphone games that you wouldn’t see for the old video game consoles is the popularity of kiddie games that targeted a younger audience. There are so many puzzle and educational games that are meant for the use of toddlers. You shouldn’t be surprised to see a baby tapping away on a tablet. They’re probably playing a game designed for him or her.

Being entertained is easy nowadays. You have funny videos online, movies that you can stream, and video games to play with. There are so many options that finding a video game for you isn’t really the challenge, it’s how to pick one where the difficulty comes.

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