Afrikaburn Event

Afrikaburn event in South Africa

Afrikaburn event in South Africa is a regional burning man event. It is a community aim to create art, burning structure, and theme camps, mutant vehicle, music, and many others. It is held once a time in a year in Tankwa Karoo National Park in South Africa since 2007. It is centered by the construction company of temporary artworks in a semi-desert environment. Many attendees create decorated mutant vehicles and wear elaborate costumes.


Africa burn was created in 2007 by a company for the independence and coordination of South African Burning Man regional event. Paul Jorgensen was originally conceived Afrikaburn. The event was starting from 2007 and all events held on a provide farm named Stonehenge. This farm is very isolated it is situated between the Calvinia and Ceres in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. When the event was originally it called Africa Burns later on new name AfrikaBurn was officially announced on 16 July 2008. The new name was given the identity of the event but rules out possible negative interpretations by changing the name. In 2010 AfrikaBurn allows for the international participle and it’s become an international event.

Founding members:

The founding members of company Afrikaburn were Monique Schiess, Paul Jargenson, Michaelt sas-Rolfes, Robert Weink, and Liane Visser are the initial directors.

Special event:

Each year, many conditions of South Africa’s Tankwa Karoo, artists, other participants and a community made up of volunteers, arrive to build Tankwa Town. According to the event’s founders, Monique Schiess Tankwa Town is a unique space where participants practice their radical self-expression.

Burning man co-founder Larry Harvey root in 200. Afeikaburn has many big and small dance floors at night. South Africa is a populated province but however, it has many beautiful deserts of the Kroo. Most people take part by dressing costumes; some go for the dance floor, some run bar, some create artwork or build something and make a lot of fun. For this, you need to cook food over the gas stove, tent and, water for use, Parlor, photo booths, cocktail bars, general store, post office and even summing pool also been there. Many people take to participate in it.

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The tickets are not refundable and sold however you transfer your tickets to others. A person can buy two tickets only. The tickets are only for South African or who live in South Africa.

Cost and tickets types:

  • R1 895: General sales Tickets
  • R2 700: 2019mayday Ticket
  • TBC: 2020mayday Ticket
  • R200 online or 250 at the gate: kids Tickets
  • R695: Subsidized Ticket
  • R200: community Ticket
  • R200 online or 250 at the gate: Vehicle passes

The Guiding principle of Afrikaburn:

There are 10 principle of burning man which are added in 2011. Every principle is based on sharing knowledge with one another and teaches one. These principles not rules but the basic guidelines for attendants and participants. No one can sell or buy anything during the week of the event. The only item is for sale ice cream. Encourage everyone to follow the legacy principles of gifting. Only the basics of infrastructure are provided: toilets, roads, signage, medics, health and safety officers and an airstrip. The conditions of the Afrika Burn seek to encourage participants to discover, exercise and rely on their inner resources.

Some main Guiding principles of Afrikaburn are:

  • Radical Inclusion
  • Gifting
  • Deco modification
  • Radical Self-reliance
  • Radical Self-expression
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Leaving No Trace
  • Communal Effort
  • Participation
  • Immediacy


Here is the table showing participate, them, location and year of AfrikaBurn event 2007 to 2022.

Year Dates Location Participate Theme
2007 22-25 November Stonehenge farm ~  1,000 Tribe
2008 16-19 October Stonehenge farm ~  1,200 Power
2009 9-13 September Stonehenge farm ~  1,600 Time
2010 22-27 April Stonehenge farm ~  2,200 Dream
2011 27 April-2 May Stonehenge farm ~  4,000 Stof: the primal mud
2012 25-30 April Stonehenge farm ~  5,700 Mirage
2013 1-6 May Stonehenge farm ~  7,000 Archetypes
2014 28 April-4 May Stonehenge farm ~  9,000 The Trickster
2015 27 April-3 May Stonehenge farm ~  9,800 The Gift
2016 25 April-1 May Stonehenge farm ~  11,700 X
2017 24-30 April Stonehenge farm ~  13,000 Play
2018 23-29 April Stonehenge farm ~  11,000 Working Title
2019 29 April-5 May Stonehenge farm ~11,500
2020 27 April-3 May Stonehenge farm Cancelled Cancelled
2021 Quaggafontein No event No event due to lockdown
2022 25 April-1 May Quaggafontein ~6,500 Poster for AfrikaBurn 2022


AfrikaBurn is not only an event but an entire city, and Civic Responsibility. Each Burn poses many logistical challenges; including mapping a plan that ensures the security and safety of thousands of attendees. AfrikaBurn is also inverts the usual ratio of creative projects to infrastructure. The organizers of Afrikaburn created the 11th principle, ‘Each one, teach one’, to reinforce the legacy of self-determination it was for everybody. The result is that each iteration has been an explosion of creative expression.

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