Top Tips For Choosing Mother Of The Bride Dresses For Your Summer Wedding

A family wedding is a happy event for everybody involved. As important as it is to choose the effect wedding dresses for the bride, it is equally important to make sure of every tiny detail – bridesmaid’s dresses, the flowers, the usher’s dress, and the tales settings. However, one of the most important details, which might frequently be overlooked, is the choice of the perfect mother of the bride dresses.

The mother of the bride is an essential character in the wedding. She will be elemental in the wedding as one of the hosts and she will be a huge part of the wedding pictures. In a summer wedding especially, it is highly important to choose the right dresses for all main people involved. As such, the following tips can help any future summer bride or a summer wedding event planner to find the perfect mother of the bride dress for their event.

Find out about the mother’s taste in clothes

The first thing that you need to do is notice the mother’s particular taste in clothes. If she is not comfortable in the chosen dress, she will not be able to carry it off with equal grace. In addition, the idea is to highlight her best features and not force her in to a style that she might not be comfortable with.

Flattering silhouettes

Regardless of the figure size, it is important that you find flattering silhouettes that help the mother look leaner and taller. Try dresses, which are a mix of satin or chiffon. These are elegant as well as super absorbent fabrics. They are lightweight enough to be a part of a summer wedding and yet sophisticated enough for the mother of the bride.

The wedding theme and tone

The theme of the wedding is carefully chosen to reflect the taste of the entire event. This is why it is extremely important that the mother of the bride’s dress should match with the tone and theme of the wedding. If it is a beach wedding, make sure that her dress is equally casual. However, keep in mind that the dress need not be as girlish as a bridesmaid dress, unless it is on specific request from the family.

Age appropriateness

Always remember to keep the age of the mother in mind when you choose the dress. While the event is quite dressy, it is not always necessary to make her dresses just as ornate as a wedding dress or the bridesmaid dresses. You should keep the age appropriateness in mind, even if you are shopping for a casual wedding event.


The price factor is always one of the hidden elements that drive wedding shopping. Make sure that the range of the dress falls within the specified limits of the wedding budget.

Matching accessories

The outfit is never complete without matching accessories. If the mother of the bride has decided to wear a family heirloom as the accessory of choice, make sure that her dress is in accordance to the style of the jewelry.

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