Tips to Deal with Heartburns Faced by Pregnant Women

The truth is pregnancy does bring plenty of changes to the body of the pregnant woman. One such unfortunate change faced before and during the 2nd trimester is frequent heartburn. Pressure will be felt by the stomach as well as other internal organs of the growing young one. Hormonal changes coupled with this pressure is likely to slow down digestion process, thereby leading to unwanted heartburn symptoms.

Tips to avoid heartburn issues during pregnancy

  • One most wonderful and effective thing that can be done to avoid heartburn is to change the eating habits. If the stomach is extremely full, then it can lead to experiencing acid overflow in the intestines. Rather than consuming large meal in one go, the person needs to have smaller meals at frequent intervals. The stomach will feel more fuller this way and the calories necessary both for the mother and the baby can be derived without any hassle. Those suffering from neurological disorders after pregnancy should also take proper medication as advised by their attending physicians.
  • While eating, the person should not be in a rush. But the food is to be chewed gently and thoroughly. This helps to reduce workload placed upon the digestive system. It will be a great idea to chew gum after having food. Besides curing bad breath, it also produces increased saliva, which can effectively and efficiently negate the acid’s effects which otherwise enters the esophagus.
  • Heartburn is also caused due to certain foods. Some are greasy and spicy, which are considered to be the main causes. Symptoms can also be experienced by drinking soft drinks due to carbonation. The other potential foods that may cause such symptoms include tomatoes and fruits.
  • It is important to realize that not every pregnant woman experiences the same thing. There are few who might face heartburn symptoms even after consuming plain rice. Therefore, physicians advise their patients to keep proper track of the type of food that causes such symptoms to take place. This way, these foods can be avoided in the future.
  • After having food, many people are tempted to take some rest. This actually is worse, since lying down will only have the beneficial gravity effects to be negated. Acid is retained within the stomach, thus causing acidity and stomach problems. For about two hours, it is necessary to stay upright to ensure that the food that is consumed is digested properly and thoroughly.
  • Pain from heartburn is mainly experienced at night. For avoiding this situation, the head is to be placed in elevated position during sleep. Acid is not allowed to reach esophagus due to the steep elevation. The head can be kept in elevated position and comfort derived simultaneously by using wedge pillow. 2 to 3 standard pillows are to be used for enjoying greater comfort. Few bricks or cinder block can be used for raising the bed legs, which can prove to be a permanent solution.

Heartburns, fortunately is not likely to last for a long time. But taking proper heartburn medication during pregnancy will help to minimize and avoid it.

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