Support Centers For Sick Children

The well-known Kazakhstan public figure, politician, banker, and businessman Bulat Utemuratov is always in the center of media attention. And most often the reason for the appearance of information about the richest man of Kazakhstan is not his entrepreneurial success, but charity and patronage activities aimed at the development of health care, culture, education and sports in the country.

Support centers for sick children

Asyl Miras charity foundation created by Utemuratov is engaged in large-scale programs in the field of studying the methods of early detection of autism spectrum disorders, development of social adaptation of special children, and also assistance to their parents. Currently, six specialized centers have been opened, where one can get advice and a free program of assistance, and kids with ASD can regularly take classes.

As part of the cooperation with the Association of Parents of Disabled Children, Asyl Miras Foundation plans to open similar centers for babies diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Another focus of the foundation’s work is the collection of funds for the purchase of modern equipment and technical facilities for children’s medical institutions. The annual Charity Bike Ride “Burabike” organized by the Asyl Miras Foundation has already collected more than 470 million tenges, which made it possible to help 16 children’s institutions.

Sports future of Kazakhstan

Sport plays a significant role in Bulat Utemuratov’s life. He has been a president of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tennis Federation for 10 years already, and for this time, with the involvement of his personal funds, the new courts, children’s and youth tennis clubs were built and opened. The businessman helps the national team, sponsoring its training and traveling abroad, as well as conducting competitions in Kazakhstan. His activities in the sphere of national sports development were highly appreciated by Nursultan Nazarbayev, the head of state, during the opening of the new tennis center “Ace” in Almaty.

Kazakhstan gets a promising education

Realizing the importance of training new qualified personnel, Bulat Utemuratov deals with the problems of this sector. With his participation, the Almaty Institute of National Economy was reformed, modernized and subsequently reorganized into the Narkhoz University.

Utemuratov contributed to the opening of the British Haileybury schools in Astana and Almaty, where children can get European level education in English according to the national programs of England and Wales. Supporting the development of socially important spheres, Mr. Utemuratov cares about the prosperity of his native country.

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