Summer Fashion 2018: The Fashion Trends You Should be Wearing this Summer

With summer fast approaching, everybody’s getting excited about summer vacations, trips, or getaways. But what does that insinuate for our closets? As we enthusiastically look forward to the season of frivolity and fun, it’s also the perfect time to prepare our wardrobes with few of summer’s grandiose fashion trends.

However, rather than investing in high-end summer items that will, for sure, get push to the back of your wardrobe for the next couple of weeks, or months, think about key pieces that you can integrate into your look right now. For a little help, listed below are the fashion trends you should be wearing this summer. 

Sugary Shades

As seen on the prior runways, Preen Clothing Line by Thornton Bregazzi showed how to pull-off the sugary trend without forfeiting on power. It was a one-shouldered dress in shades of green and pink.

Though pastels are practically avant-garde, summer’s ice cream hues set foot in a wide range of sugary shades that look great on almost everything from sharp tailoring to tiers of ruffles. It’s an excellent way to bring a bit of sunshine to your trendy berets, chunky knits, or two-piece suits.

Keep in mind that sporting pastels from head-to-toe can be tricky. As such, it’s wise to wear something pink or zesty lemon with denim pieces. To avoid looking like a little girl, go for grown-up silhouettes such as a ladylike overcoat or a pencil skirt.

Furthermore, don’t forget to include dark neutrals in your ensemble. For example, a gray sweater. One gray sweater can help you have a balanced look and break up the profusion of sugar-spun colors.

Checkered Outfits

Most people think of checks or plaids as being for winter-only.  Sure, checks were immense for autumn winter, but it looks like they are here to dominate in summer. They’re making a powerful impact for being summer’s “IT print.”

Plaid or checks come in different hues and styles, but its intersecting lines and patterns are almost always grabbing the attention of others. So, if you happen to wear multiple pieces of checkered clothing, it can make you look too overwhelming and vague.

With that said, it’s best to wear one plaid clothing at a time. For summer, keep in mind to wear light cotton plaid shirts, jumpers, skirts, or shorts so that you’ll feel comfortable without getting too hot. You can buy different styles of plaid clothing in any online stores such as Deal Wiki.

Sheer Outfits

Even though the sheer trend isn’t something new, but as summer is fast approaching, sheer clothing pieces are in the limelight once again. From small decorative features to a bolder look, there are many ways to style sheer pieces to conceive trendy, modern looks.

The allure and elegance of these pieces can immediately uplift a minimalist and casual outfit. Sheer pieces are perhaps the perfect way to flaunt a little skin or emphasize distinct parts of your body.

To feel festival-ready this summertime, then opt for a full-length sheer can do all the wonders about that. You can wear it with a black dress or a black bra and jeans if you want to have a more daring look. On the other hand, a pullover with sheer sleeves is perhaps the easiest and simplest way to carry out this trend without flaunting too much skin.

Suit Shorts

You can think of shorts as mundane and basic. Just hiding out in the back of your closet, waiting to get pulled out on holidays. However, this summer something is charming and fascinating about suit shorts or shorts suit.

As the temperature rises in summer, it’s also the ideal time to shorten the hemlines of our clothes. By wearing suit shorts, you’ll undoubtedly feel more comfortable and fresh throughout the summertime while keeping you fashionable-looking along the way.

Also, suit shorts are versatile enough that anyone can wear it for different events and occasions. They’re very easy to care for and requires little to no maintenance. Plus, they are as casual and laid-back as the season suggest as well.

Floral Dresses

Well, summer would not be summer without these pretty floral dresses. It’s one of the many signs for which you can truly say that summer is here. They’re the ideal way to brighten up your gloomy, dull day and they have become a summer staple.

From maxi dresses to off shoulders, there’s a wide selection of floral dresses everywhere. Whether you’re going on a beach vacation or to a date night-out, floral prints can certainly take any occasions summer-ready.


Indeed, we can already feel the summer vibe. No one’s stopping that. We are all getting excited about our summer vacations and getaways. But as the summertime is fast approaching, it’s also the right time to prep our closets this summer. From sugary shades to floral dresses, you’ll certainly have a wardrobe summer-ready.

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