Reasons Why Your Car AC is Malfunctioning

Generally speaking, car ACs work fine for most of the time. But even this is a common experience for many, where people start noticing gradually that it isn’t now being able to blow that fresh cold breeze anymore. Sometimes, it so happens that the AC blows cold air only when the car is moving, but fails to do so, when it sits idle. Experts serving at a Lexington Chevrolet dealership say, that as your car gets older, along with other issues, this one gets included too. So, if your car is facing similar troubles, you need to know the reasons and look for the best solutions available.

The Way the Car AC Works

The AC in a car works by circulating a refrigerant through a circuit that is closed. The circuit compresses the refrigerant to a liquid form and then evaporates it to cool the atmosphere. Every car AC is consistent of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, and a drier.

If a car AC is failing to release cool air, the components that can be at fault are the O-rings, the rubberized lines and the seals all of which can either shrink, crack, or dry out and hence reduce the amount of refrigerant by evaporation. So, to make it work again, these parts of your car AC needs to be examined and hence repaired or replaced.

When Does an AC Release Hot Air

As mentioned earlier, loss of refrigerant triggers the issues in an AC. Whenever an AC is running short of refrigerant, it starts lingering in the area of evaporator and gets exposed to the hot air coming from the cabin and gets heated up.

Stages of Damage in the ACs

There can be several ways and reasons for the Car AC to blow hot air instead of cooling the car cabin. As we discussed earlier, it can be one or couple of the parts of the system which are at fault, and in that case, a mere repair or replacement of them can solve the issue without much of an expense. But if things go wrong in the system itself, you might need to shell out more money to get it addressed by a trusted source of mechanics like the Lexington Chevrolet dealership.

We would consider your case to be a fortunate one if your car AC is degrading slowly, rather than abruptly. A slow degradation indicates that the loss of refrigerant is being gradual and that is the effect of normal wear. In such cases, your AC refrigerant can simply be recharged, and that will make the AC back on its track.

But if your car AC stops working all of a sudden, it is more likely an indication that a line or O-ring or seal or the entire circuit is damaged. In that case, you won’t have any other option but to take the vehicle to the repair shop for diagnosis and repair.

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