Quebec immigration skilled worker, quebec immigration skilled worker program

Individuals who are looking forward to find a peaceful surrounding for their living and are planning to move to different country, then this is definitely an opportunity for them. The government of Quebec is accepted individuals from foreign nationals who are looking out for a job in the particular skill they are well developed. Several legal procedures are to be followed in order to finally get job under the Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker program. It might be difficult for common individuals; however it is easy for our expertise working in our company. Nile Immigration has always looked forward to help you out with the best outcomes possible for you. Our basic aim to gain the faith from your side and help you out with all the legal formalities required to be completed.

Being a part of Quebec is however not that easy. There is a particular legal procedure to be followed and thus it must be known to you. Therefore the procedure is been listed below.

How to Apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

In order to begin with the Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration process, one need to use the “Mon projet Quebec” immigration online service as it is mandatory. The last intake period for QSWP ended on March 31, 2017 and a maximum of 10000 applications were accepted by the government of Quebec under the program. However, in 2018 only 5000 applicants will be appreciated and accepted to be a part of Quebec. Even, individuals who have the temporary job in Quebec can apply for this QSWP to get a permanent address in Quebec. Well, only those are chosen who can really flourish the economy of the province in the near future. However, if you feel like the “Mon projet Quebec” is way too tiring for you then you can use our application service which will be handled by our expertises. Even whether you are eligible to apply for it or not will be well stated by our expertises. Therefore, once you contact us, it isn’t only your problem anymore.

Document Required

To apply for the Quebec immigration skilled worker program, some important documents are needed to be submitted. All such documents required is mentioned below. Just go through it once for your knowledge.

  1. Self-sufficiency financial contract.
  2. Power of Attorney mandate.
  3. Declaration stating practise of regular trading (if applicable)
  4. Photocopy of your birth certificate.
  5. Photograph of the valid passport you posses (clearing mentioning the issue date and expiry date).
  6. Other photographs of marriage certificate/divorce certificate/certificate on the death of spouse.
  7. Photograph of permit of residence in a country of which you aren’t a citizen.
  8. If the individual is under 18, then original declaration of parental consent will be needed to accompany you to Canada without the actual parents. All the necessary consent must be made before a judge, magistrate or a notary from your country.

Other documents are even required for other individuals too.

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