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Protein Supplements for Weight Gain

A good number of males in their teens and the middle age are eager to develop lean muscle mass or weight in their body, be it for their favourite sports, simply for the beach body or for bodybuilding purpose. Whatever be the purpose, mere exercising and having proper diet will not help the person much.

It is a wrong notion among people that muscles are the result of workout out for hours together in the gym. To develop lean muscles and for proper weight gain without the fat involved, the biggest factor is said to come from healthy nutrition. If the objective is to gain weight and the person works out, then he is to ensure consuming proper, well balanced foods at the correct time. Moreover, the foods taken are to be supplemented appropriately with sports supplement such as the gainer protein powder.

Why need to buy weight gainer online?

There are weight gain protein supplements available in the market. The good ones are known to contain plenty of protein, carbohydrates and calories per serving. The weight gainer supplement is rich in proteins and generally contains around 500 to 1000 calories, 50 to 150 gms of carbohydrates and 40 to 60 gms of protein per serving. But such protein supplements can be a bit on the expensive side when compared to the natural protein powders found in the market. This is because of the type of ingredients used in them along the scoop numbers that will be required to be consumed per serving, which is often 3 to 4 unlike that of 1 to 2 of regular protein supplements.

More about gainer protein supplement

It is termed as a supplement since it can help supplement the diet effectively. When putting up muscle mass in the body, the main factor is the type of food that is being consumed throughout the day Such supplements can prove to be a solid and wonderful healthy diet to ensure that the body is being provided with the necessary carbs, protein and calories that will be required for the muscle to grow as desired.

When to take the supplements?

The two best times that is recommended to take weigh gainer supplement is right after performing the workout and about 1 to 2 hours before hitting the bed. The person can choose any of the timings, which again depends upon his specific notional requirements in the body. The supplement can also be taken twice in a day. But care should be taken to ensure discussing with the health expert. The protein when taken after the workout helps to provide the muscle and the body with essential nutrition that will be necessary for proper recovery. Also, taking protein supplement just before bed can help the body to be in anabolic state when sleeping.

Weight gainer in india is not necessarily expensive and also is not high in sugars. They are likely to have around 1:3 protein to carbohydrate ratio. Also, the supplement is not to exceed per serving by 1000 calories.

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