The Positive and Negative things about Travelling to India

Traveling almost always has only positive aspects. From each place you can learn many things. But each destination also has its luminous points and its dark points.  These dark spots are not always ideal for any traveler or even more important for any vital moment.

India is chaotic, it is immense and incomprehensible. It is a country that you have to feel like going to. You can be the best person to go to India, but if you do not get caught in the right vital moment, you can go bounced. How to find?

The Positive Things about Traveling To India

  • Indian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations that have survived to this day. The passage of the centuries has not changed many of their traditions and ways of understanding life.
  • The people of India are very, very nice and those who are open to learn from the countries through their people, they will be passionate about this circumstance.
  • The English is spoken practically all over India. This is not nonsense, because the question of communication in other Asian countries is more complicated and there are people who are a little afraid of not being able to make them understood.
  • It is the cradle of many spiritual currents, like yoga. This makes it a place of powerful spirituality. This is seen, it is felt in every place that is stepped on. This makes it enter a more affine state for self-discovery.
  • The food is simply spectacular but spicy too.
  • The landscapes and monuments of India are simply amazing. The Hindu temples of cities like Varanasi or Rishikesh, the mountains of Ladakh, the lakes of Srinagar etc.
  • The country is so huge, there are many types of India: a lot of ethnic, religious, landscape, culinary variety.
  • As is characteristic of most countries in Asia, traveling to India is very cheap. Transportation, accommodation and food everything is much cheaper than in other countries where money quickly escapes.
  • It has the luxury trains like Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey and Golden Chariot which are several awarded.

The Negative of Traveling To India

  • In India there are many people, both good and less good. And there are the scammers, of course. The thymus is the order of the day. About the scams and many other things that scare a bit of India.
  • India is a country with large social and economic imbalances. Poverty is evident and it is a reality that it is necessary to see to realize things about how the world works, but not everyone is prepared to see that.
  • India is a continuous stimulus and also on the negative side: acoustic, visual, pollution is constant; sometimes excessive.
  • The traffic is hell both by the number as by the way of distribution of people and the number of vehicles causes very high pollution in large cities.
  • The food is delicious but, in general, very spicy. For those who do not like this type of food, it can be a determining factor. Even so, India changes a lot from north to south and gastronomy, the same.
  • In India you have to be careful for safety in water and food. Water, always bottled (unless it has left a machine with filters) and food, preferably cooked, nothing raw or at least, peeled.
  • India has some areas where some diseases such as malaria are a health risk. It is enough to follow the preventive measures so that nothing happens, but there are people for whom this fact is a reason that causes respect.

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