Playing Fortnite Game Made Easy

Fortnite is a game that cannot be bothered in making an attempt to hide out its similarities with the most popular game PUBG. The game plot and goal of both the games are the same: around 100 players come at a same scenario with just one goal in their mind, to look for the weapons as well as defenses essential to plan the great strategy as well as manage to be a last survivor in the game. It is exactly a same concept & rules like in an original game.

Some primary features of Fortnite game

The Battle Royale game style comes all along with following options and functions where gamer will have a lot of fun for several hours to participate in the short matches, which last between 20 to 40 minutes:

  • Each kind of hero has got its skulls & special features.
  • Find 4 different types of heroes: constructor, soldier, outlander and ninja.
  • This game includes the long-distance weapons like shotguns, guns or assault rifles, and combat weapons like knives, scythes, and spear.
  • Player should search for the material to make weapons, structures, or objects of different sorts: metal, wood, sticky tape, carbon, resin and glass.
  • Different weapons that are sorted out by the colors as per their power level and rarity.

Weapon system at Fortnite

Not like PUBG, the Battle Royale has got its own system for classifying firepower of weapons accessible. As per the color, player will know rare weapon that he has found is. Rarest weapons are generally the powerful ones though truth is that color just indicates how tough it is finding them even you could try this out: firepower will be indicated by number close to a bolt of lightning displayed on every weapon. It is how weapons will be classified as per the rarity:

  • Epic: Purple.
  • Common: gray.
  • Rare: blue:
  • Mythical: gold.
  • Legendary: orange.

Battle Royale

Now you can easily go online and find your Fortnite download PC Battle Royale that is a totally free 100 player of PvP mode. The Fortnite building skills & destructible environments that are combined with the intense PvP combat. Last one standing will win the game. So, band together on internet to build the extravagant forts, find and build the insane weapons or traps to protect your city from strange Monsters, which emerge during a Storm.

What is New?

  • Creative updates: Play, explore, invent and discover some new ways for playing Fortnite, you can play the community made games with your friends as well as build your own island.
  • Sneaky snowman: Is snowman closer than this was second ago, to sneak over the map & surprise enemies in the frosty new way.
  • 60FPS game play on the select devices: You can take Fortnite game to a next level – 60fps game play is available on your mobile phone.


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