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Make Proper Plans When You are up for Goa

It is a common notion that Goa is the ultimate party destination when it comes to India. Everyone has to visit Goa at least once in your life. Be it with your friends or your partner, it should be a fun trip to Goa. Break free is the motto here and when you are sick and tired with your regular and boring life; you just need to pack your bags and head to Goa to come back with a renewed and refreshed life. Goa works as an energy booster for everyone.

First you have to decide, with whom you are planning a trip to Goa. It has to be either with friends or with your spouse so that you can enjoy the most. With friends it will be hell of a ride and with your spouse it will be intoxicatingly romantic. No matter how you plan your trip to Goa, you have to make a check list for it. It also depends on which season you are visiting this place. It is said that summer is not a very good option to visit Goa and rainy season can be very romantic if the rains are not too much. But when it is monsoon you can really not trust the nature. If it rains too much then the entire plan is doomed. So it is a great idea to plan your Goa trip somewhere between late September to early February. During this time the weather is more or less pleasant, with winter arriving in between.

  • When you are in Goa you have to spend time in the serene beaches. That is a must. Even if you are visiting in winter, going to the beaches and taking bath in the salt water makes the sun burn attacks inevitable. So carrying a sun screen lotion is a must. You have to apply it before you start your beach mission with sea bathes and all the adventure sports like water bike riding. Carrying a hat is also a good idea. If you are just sitting and chilling in the shores with a can of beer you still need to be safe from the sun rays. You can also buy from the road side stalls in Goa where you will get a lot of colourful options when it comes to hats. Floppy straw hats are very common there and they look stylish too. You also need to carry clothes according to the climate. Carry something stylish to wear which you want to flaunt on your Goa trip.
  • When in Goa, you have to try out the local cuisines. They have some amazing local cuisines which are worth trying. You also need to go for pub hopping and take a visit to beach shacks as they offer cheap drinks. If you are ready for pub hopping then do try liquors like urraks and feni and taste really smooth. But do not go overboard with your drinks.

There will be some fun events in Goa during New Year and one can also be a part of it.

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