Let us Have an Overview of Natriuretic Peptide in Clinical Field

Natriuretic peptides as indicated by the name the peptide which is formed by more than 120amino acids. Natrium means sodium and uretic indicates the urine output. Thus natriuretic hormone gives rise to the excess sodium excretion through the urine. Thus natriuretic hormone is very effective in order to bring out the clinical results.  These are available in the heart and blood vessels. When the body experiences any stress in blood vessels and on the kidneys then these natriuretic hormones are released in order to distress the blood vessels. These are really very effective in cardiac diseases.

The main cause of the cardiac disease is deposition of the fats on the walls (endothelium) of the blood vessels and the heart, as a result, blood pressure on the blood vessels and the heart increases that can lead to serious health problems. The patient can die due to these disorders more over multi-organ failure can also cause due to the cardiac failure. Kidney, as well as liver, can be damaged. Natriuretics are very potent hormones which can distress the blood vessels. Here we will have an overview of natriuretic peptides. These are the peptides and generally divided into four categories. These are ANP, BNP, CNP, and DNP. All these have their unique functions.

ANP acts as the natriuretic as well as kaliuretic, when there is hype in the blood pressure, then this hormone is released into the blood to lower down the pressure on the heart. It works as a diuretic by releasing the excess sodium and water from the body. Excess sodium and potassium are released in this way. Pressure on the heart can lead to multi-organ failure. It can damage the liver and kidney too. BNP is also released when the ventricles of the heart experience the stress and stretch due to excess of blood pressure. Thus these hormones are very potent and wide range of applications can be seen due to these hormones.

CNP and DNP are also natriuretic drugs which prevent the cardiac diseases and so other disorders very effectively. Natriuretic hormones are thus very potent to be used as a diuretic. There are so many diseases which can be cured by these peptides. Thus role peptides are prominent in the field of medicine. Another positive aspect of these medicines is that these are cost-effective and assessable to be used.

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