What Are Pregnancy Tools

Know more about HIV?

HIV is known as human immunodeficiency virus which causes AIDS that is acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is the virus that weakens the immune system of the person. It also helps in reducing the ability which is important to fight against infections and cancers. Person gets this virus by coming into contact of infected person through blood along with semen or vaginal fluids. The other different ways of spreading this virus includes

  • Anal sex
  • Sharing of unclean needles
  • Pregnancy

Person can easily get HIV from

  • Touching or hugging someone
  • Public Swimming pools or bathrooms
  • Sharing of personal items

It is important for the pregnant women that they should go for HIV treatment pregnancy, so that they can save their unborn child from this disease. They will also come across with couples of medicines that will help the person to prevent from this virus.

Different types of HIV test

Standard Test- They are the special types of test that can check HIV antibodies. These tests can easily detect HIV in blood soon after the infections. It approx takes 8 weeks to produce anti bodies. In this test small sample of blood is drawn and sent to lab for testing. It will also include urine along with fluids tests.

Anti body test- This test can easily detect HIV up to 20days. They also check for HIV antigen which shows up the virus up to 2-4 weeks. These tests are also famous for detecting HIV antibodies.

 It is not always important that HIV will spread from the mother to the baby. This situation occurs when the mother is healthy. Placenta plays an important part by providing protection for the development of infant. In this case, special counseling is provided to the mother about the healthy diet along with removing the deficiency of the iron and vitamin.

Useful advice

 It is important for the women that they should get proper treatment of the HIV during pregnancy. Most of the babies are infected from this virus, if the proper treatment is not taken by them. They should take proper medicines from time to time to avoid this virus. These medicines are safe for the mothers as they will not increase the chances of birth defects.

A woman who is suffering from this disease will have to plan for c-section delivery that will help the them in protecting their babies from this virus. Doctors planned C-section before pain begins. In this article you will come across with information of HIV along with solution that will save the mother along with their babies if suffering from this virus.

 Thus it is very important for the women that they should go for HIV in pregnancy treatment that will help them to save the baby in the womb. Special care has been taken so that women will easily give birth to the child without having any kind of problem for the same.

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