JustAnswer – How it became the biggest question and answer platform

JustAnswer – How it became the biggest question and answer platform

Do you even remember the world, what it was, before the internet created a revolutionary change? Information, now, is always at your fingertips. There are thousands of websites to answer all sorts of queries that you search on Google. However, there are times when just going through a website is not enough. This is when you need platforms where you can post questions and where people will give the best possible answers to your questions. JustAnswer is one such platform where people get the best answers to their questions both from laymen and from the experts all over the internet.

Are you wondering whether you can earn money by giving the best answers to the questions of people? Well, in order to know that, you have to go through the review of JustAnswer so that you get to know how they work. As per E-Counseling.com, they’re one of the best platforms for posting questions and getting answers. Read on to know more.

JustAnswer – What is it?

JustAnswer is a platform which was found at the domain Justanswer.com and it is a simple and easy to use question and answer platform where experts of various fields are able to earn dollars by giving appropriate answers related to their field of work. It was founded by CEO Andy Kurtzig in the year 2003 in San Francisco and since then it has garnered enough attention to be called one of the biggest online platforms.

JustAnswer – How does it work?

Being an expert, you’re given the opportunity to register in the specific field that you want to and whenever you sign up, you can verify that you’re the best professional in the field as you will be verified through a short process. In order to earn a certain amount, you have to watch out for the appropriate questions to which you have the best answer. In case the poster of the question accepts the answer that you gave, you earn money.

What is the process of becoming a JustAnswer expert?

In order to become an expert, you’ve got to sign up in the form of an expert with the website. You’ll be required to select the category that you want and they have a wide category of professions that you can ever imagine. Nevertheless, the most popular are legal, health, teaching and engineering. You’ll require offering few documents to prove your identity, experience and qualifications. Once you’re done, you’ll get paid for each answer that’s accepted.

So, if you’re looking for ways of earning passive income, you can become an expert at JustAnswer and follow the process to get paid.

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