Improve Your SEO Today with 4 Proven Tricks – Know How!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is perhaps the most talked-about topics these days. From the day it has come to the spotlight, people could not but pay attention to the facility to improve their website ranking in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and the others. Since Google is the king and will be (most likely), SEO is judged by Google’s parameters.

Tons of searches are made daily regarding the improvement of site’s ranking. But very few of them succeed to apply those correctly. There’re no rules in SEO but a few techniques are needed to be followed to bring the desired result. I’ll tell you the ways how to improve your SEO and get better traffic and engagement. After applying these techniques, you can see the improvement of traffic and visibility by yourself through the sites like Alexa, ahrefs and much more.

Quality Content

Still, people believe that an unnecessarily lengthy content can bring more value whereas it’s completely wrong! You need to balance between quality and quantity to get a better rank on Google. Stuffing keywords won’t do any good to you. A relevant incorporation of the keywords with informative content is the key to success. You have to understand that at the end of the day, users are the only aspect that can take you to the top. So, make your content interesting, short, easy-to-read and informative without stuffing keywords in every sentence. Use bold, italic tags and subheadings to get better.


The Metadata or Meta-tag tells Google Bot about a particular webpage. So, make sure you’re portraying your webpage best in front of Google. Other than keywords, you’ll find two parts of metadata for a webpage: Meta Title and Meta Description which is shown as a search result.

  • Meta Title needs to be short and crispy. Users should be engaged to it whenever they see it. If you have irrelevant Meta Title that doesn’t attract viewers, they’ll simply skip your content.
  • Meta Description is the second most important aspect after title tag to give your page the desired visibility. You have to write a short description of the page within 155 characters. Users will read it and click them if they like it.

Moreover, make sure you’ve placed the focus keyword on these two tags.


Try not to be desperate or annoying to the users. Google focuses more on users nowadays, so, if you embed irritating call-to-actions like ‘Click here’ it won’t be good for your content and its ranking. Instead, you can use the Focus or LSI keyword on that place which will make the link way more relevant and your site is likely to rank better. Make sure you have embedded the internal links properly which shows Google that you have related and relevant content on your site. This is too important.

Use Tags

Always use images, videos, and gifs in your content. These make a content worth reading as users won’t be puzzled while reading a long article. But one thing you need to keep in mind is using tags on those media formats. Use alt text on the media inputs to let Google know what it’s all about. This technique plays a pivotal role in your site’s ranking as well as traffic.

These 4 techniques will certainly improve your SEO and traffic count. You can visit the SEO and traffic analyzing websites to see if you’re improving. Visit the best sites to track traffic on Layerpoint and start improving your SEO today.

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