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Important Basics of Content Marketing in your SMS Marketing Campaign

We are living in the world of omnipresent technology where we receive a large amount of information from far and near- no matter whether we want it or not. Colourful billboards, product advertisement while watching any TV show or video full of ads we inundated with hundreds of messages in a day, although, a human is able to remember 10% of them.

Companies usually produce more information that is distributed via various mediums, unfortunately, they’re less useful for the customer or subscriber. At the end of the day, the consumer is tired after their hectic day at the office, but if you take care of the content and target it properly, your customers will find a time and visit your website or store and make a purchase! How to build the interest of potential clients? How to educate or entertain to win their loyalty? Follow the given rules of content marketing in your SMS campaign.

Put the person in the centre of your strategy

In both type of communication B2B and B2C, you need to keep remembering that practically it is H2H (human to human) communication. The most important challenge marketers face while doing H2H is authenticity, spontaneity and fast reaction. Such a relation favour a small conversion that ends up with brand trust and loyalty. So, always treat your SMS marketing actions as a conversion and a promise made to the subscriber. Bulk SMS gateway provider services enable you to share information with customer name like Hello John. Always approach your customers with words like BUY, COME, DISCOUNT, FREE etc. Because it is stated that personalized campaigns are more effective and successful than the general one.

First, speak what is valuable

Effective content marketing is one that brings some actions of the consumer like filling the application form, clicking the short link etc. In such kinds of messages information, you usually forget about the metaphors and hyperboles as they only cause the opposite effect. The great message will build your brand image in the recipient’s mindset. Instead of sharing long and irrelevant content, try to focus on the real value and make your case.

Find out Credibility

In the world of overloaded information, it is difficult for us to understand every piece of content that we receive from various mediums. Thus, this makes decision making more complex. Content marketing is nothing but a creation and distribution of important updates that answer the consumer’s needs. While drafting text you have to ask yourself: Will my readers find this message useful? A good message meets the needs, educates and entertain people. On the other hand, it provides a special feeling, shows the tangible reasons and contains no empty words.

Know your audience first

‘’There’s nothing to be feared, everything has to be understood’’-said a Polish Nobel Prize Winner. The same happens with clients. To meet their expectations, you need to create a valuable content. Do you have to deeply understand the way he thinks, what stimulates his behaviour, what bothers more, what are the big challenges he faces? Does your service answer them? These questions are nothing but the part of the purchasing persona creation. Buyers aspect are research-based modelled representations of who customers are.

Write for value, not word count

Content marketers are obsessed with word count as it affects their rankings. They usually create long articles and targeting specific word counts in hopes to impress Google search engine and its users. However, no magic word count exists in the universe. The biggest reason lengthy articles taken off in popularity is just because it is full of ideas and convey in-depth knowledge to readers. It doesn’t matter if you write 1,000 words or 5,000 if your objective is to not engage with readers.

The same fact goes with bulk SMS marketing. To make a campaign successful you need to blow out to-the-point information under 160 characters. The lengthy SMS content will no more useful if it is irrelevant and useful for recipient or customer.

If you constantly struggle to look beyond word count, must consider creating outlines for your SMS before you write. This strategy will make every business marketer or person to thoroughly explore your ideas instead of making words count until you can end.

Words are powerful when it comes to success! If you utilize them wisely, they are proven as a huge value for your business. To create good content which should be very appealing and short, go along with the rules of content marketing. It requires a small effort but brings high advantages. So, your marketing of products and services is no longer a nasty duty but a fruitful conversation for both sides.

That’s it!  Now you have an idea how to create a successful content strategy for beginning to end. I hope these amazing and simple to follow tips will help you understand the basis of content marketing in this competitive world.

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