Hair Transplant Surgery – Basic Introduction to MPD & Advantages of Surgery

Introduction to Male Pattern Baldness & Hair Transplant:

Hair transplantation has become an advanced medical procedure, that involves moving single hair follicles from back of your scalp called the ‘donor site’ to the affected (bald) or thinning up layer of the scalp known as the ‘recipient site’. The process of hair or strip transplant is basically used to treat male pattern baldness and is considered the most effective method.

Hair transplant is a hair rebuilding procedure performed on men who have critical issues like MPD, thinning or falling hair, or bald spots where hair never again develops. In men, issues male pattern baldness and hair sparseness are most common given the chronic variables and DHT hormone. MPD is the state in which the hairline slowly subsides and scalp visibility increments uncovering bare spots on the head.

Men may even experience a steady thinning down of hair at the crown section, or top of the skull. A hair transplant surgery can be performed for other issues too, for example, to supplant hair lost because of consumes, damage, or ailments of the scalp.

Main Advantages of Hair Transplant:
  • It is one of the best hair regrowth methods that includes transplant of your own hair taken out from back of the scalp. It grows normally. The shade of the hair is also the same as your unique hair. Hair growth begins following 2 to 3 months in most cases. The recovery time is between 8 to 10 months.
  • Hair transplant surgery has progressed incredibly over the last few years. There are diverse methods for performing a transplant procedure. One technique is Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) surgery where a piece of skin is taken out from back of the scalp, and then the follicular unit is separated and replantation is done in the assigned region.
  • Other progressed options is FUE, that refers to Follicular Unit Extraction. This is a fastidious strategy where a single hair is removed and replanted in assigned territory. The outcomes are lasting and superb.
  • A hair transplant surgery is common and safe these days. Thanks to the development of advanced medical techniques and equipment, no extraordinary chemicals, drugs are utilized in the procedure that may harm your hair or skin later. Among all the hair loss treatments, hair transplant is the most favored choice. The outcomes are good to the point that the majority of people won’t even tell you they got a hair transplant as it looks completely natural.

From increasing your confidence to building your personality better than before – the benefits of the strip transplant or other hair loss treatments are many. So wait no more, visit Toronto Hair Transplant Centre today to get your share of treatment under the guidance of experts.


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