Guidelines to Maintain Air Conditioner in Winter

Facing issues with an air conditioner is one of the most frustrating things in the summer season. This is the only time when most of the customers contact air conditioner professionals to fix the problem. However, it is better to call the professionals at regular intervals and get the servicing donespecially before you shut down the AC for a long time in winter season. With regular service, the AC unit can be maintained in a good condition. During the service, the functioning of the air conditioner is checked thoroughly. There are various important parts in air conditioner such as coils, fins, filters, drains and more.

Clean up of Air Filters: The blocked air filters obstruct the normal flow of air and reduce the cooling capacity of AC. In the case of dirty filters, the air bypassing the filter carries dirt directly to the evaporator coil. Thus, it is necessary to clean the air filter once in a month.

Clean up of Evaporator Coils: The clean air prevents cooling coils from dirt and dust. Still, some dust gets deposited on the coils, which reduces its heat absorbing capacity. This affects the cooling function of an air conditioner.

Clean the Coil Fins: Often thealuminum fins present on the evaporator coils and condensers are covered by dust and debris. This must be cleaned on regular basis for protecting the condenser and evaporator. In case, you need help, call the professionals providing AC service in Delhi.

Cover Up the Compressor: In winters, when Ac is not in use, it is better to cover up the condenser. The unit can be covered with a cloth to prevent dirt and dust from entering the AC unit.

Maintenance of Condenser Coil: The fan unit and condenser of the split AC gets affected by the outside environment as these are placed outside the home. Due to the dust, it becomes tough for the heat and hot air to dissipate outside. This leads to the heating of compressor and condenser.

Proper Window Seals:Make sure that there is a proper seal betweenthe window and air conditioner.Any space between the unit and window would affect the cooling inside the room. Moreover, it will leave a bad effect on the functioning of the air conditioner.

To avoid such problems related to AC, it is better to take AC service in GurgaonandAC service in Delhi. It is always better to call the professionals before the onset of the summer season for AC service. You can contact the professionals at Lifeasy and get the services at affordable prices.

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