Getting Acquainted With Different Types Of Delivery Procedure

There are different types of delivery methods that are varied due to numerous health conditions in a pregnant mother. Changes during last stages of pregnancy like the orientation of the baby, formation of the umbilical cord, sustenance of the mother are the reason for which different methods of delivery are prepared. Some of them require special medical equipment so that the process can be done swiftly and no harm is caused to the baby during this process.

Different Types Of Delivery Procedure

There are delivery procedures of which some are natural whereas some are assisted with the help of medical procedures. In both the cases intense precaution is taken for the baby. There are procedures like C-section, Forceps delivery and vacuum delivery baby. All are equally beneficial for mothers and help them re to the tension that they feel during delivery.

  1. At first, there is a normal vaginal delivery procedure that is used as a mode of delivery since time immemorial. The normal vaginal delivery calls is administered to mothers where orientation of the baby is downwards and mothers can endure the contraction and pain that occurs during normal delivery of the baby. When all the vital signs are normal for a mother at that particular stage, the process is performed by expert gynecologists.
  2. The first assisted procedure of delivery includes C-section. There are several complications that occur in the last stages of pregnancy and due to these conditions, an assisted surgical procedure is used. This is also done for mothers who can never endure that amount of pain which occur just during delivery. The surgical procedure may leave a mark but expert gynecologists can perform the process faster and better.
  3. There is also forceps delivery technology as well. There are certain conditions in which babies are oriented in an opposite direction. Changing in orientation needs to be done from the outside by the gynecologists. This can favor birth of the baby, but when the mother fails to push their baby, a special method of delivery of the baby is used to help the baby come out of the womb. A forceps is used to pull the head of the baby and after the crowning is done, the baby is pulled out normally.
  4. Another technology of delivery refers to vacuum-assisted delivery. It requires a special equipment that offers a vacuum suction so that the head of the baby can be pulled with the help of it and in turn can facilitate the process of birth. When mom gets tired of the procedure of delivery, this procedure can help them have a perfectly healthy baby.

These technologies are all prepared to keep complications of pregnancy in mind and with time even better methods of the assistance of the mothers going to delivery will be done. Having a vacuum assisted delivery is really helpful for mothers who cannot endure that amount of pressure.


These assisted technologies have helped develop better conditions for mothers so that their health and baby are both kept safe from any complexity.

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