Get some quirky taste with Irish whiskey

The best way to start and enjoy any evening whether its your house party or it’s your best friends marriage. The most preferred way in India is to celebrate with the quirky single or double malt whiskey.

If you want to know the best places where the Irish whiskey is ruling in India here is the list.

  • Red breast single Malt

It proudly represent the title “overall whiskey of the year”.

A 100% heavy pot still whiskey with a high percentage of sherry. It’s prepared in classic Irish style.It is prepared from balted andunmalted barley in a pot still.

The flavours are mainly nusty, citrusy and spicy.


  • Bushmills black mush

It’s one of the best Irish whiskey in Delhi. It is made by blend of triple-distilled malt whiskey and lighter grain whiskey is made with water from saint columbs rill And aged in American oak casks.

This bright whiskey has an aroma of grain, grass, wood and vanilla.

It will take you to heaven but you need to take some extra bucks.

  • Jameson blended whisky

This whiskey is worth a mention among all. It’s fine blend and the lightness makes it more authentic and has a taste lot more like of those florals, fauna and fruits.

It’s one of the best option available in Indian market.

  • The wild geese

The blend of Irish whiskey matured in bourbon casks. Basically it is filled with fruity notes and citrus peels.

Honey and vanilla are the additional components that are just added to the mix.

The final touch with the help of lavender brings the drink alive and makes it more classy.

You can enjoy it on every location.

  • Teeling single grain Irish Whiskey

If you are swanked on a single grain whiskey.

It is always served in sauvingnon casks that purposely draw out flavours of fruits with cranberry.

The well purposed taste of spices balances out the amazing sweetness from fruits.

The taste is refreshing and will leave you hankering for more.

  • Connamerapeated single Malt

The taste that is igniting and the way it is made is even more exciting. The malted barley is dried over a peat fire.As it is rare among Irish whiskey and is the best irish whiskey in India.

There is an added smokiness to the spirit in which the traces of barley, florals and honey is always found somewhere.

This could be the best gift from Ireland. It had won many fans over the years.

The best part is the cooley’s signature honey and pear notes with the part of the beautiful Smokey palate.

  • Kilbeggan 8 year old single grain

They are not seen everywhere that’s why they are worth to taste. They are made primarily with corn instead of barley.

It’s quite soft and smooth on the palate and on the nose. It is of great quality and is quite affordable.

The taste is long, smooth and mint flavoured.

The palate is good body with sweetness of honey and malt and it is finished with Oaked dryness.

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