Flying First Class to Goa

Flying First Class to Goa

Its summertime and living in Delhi, you very rarely get to witness any water body. Goa is the perfect hang out place for anybody. Since it is the beach season, after all, you and your friends have decided to enjoy a week at Goa. You look at the New Delhi to Goa Flights Schedule and try to plan out the vacation to one of the most popular tourist spots of India.

Once the dates and other things are all decided, it’s time to book tickets. First class is almost twice or thrice the cost of the economy class. For anyone who regularly travels by first class, the price is something they feel is entirely justified. Here are some of the reasons why flying first class is excellent.

  1. Comfort

Airplanes are quite cramped. There is no doubt about that. Airlines are always trying to fit in more people since this translates to higher profits. Profit margins are quite low, and it is understandable why airlines would want to reduce as much unnecessary space as possible. For first-class flyers, however, their higher priced ticket means that they will have much more comfort and area. The crew will treat you like a celebrity and will do their best to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

  1. Increased Productivity

The comfort and perfect location of the first class section will ensure that you experience the least disturbance due to turbulence and other sources. You can use this time to take some much-needed rest, which means that you can get to work the next day feeling fully rested and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Alternatively, you can still use the quiet atmosphere to talk to a client or finish up on some pending work, so you can completely relax on that vacation.

  1. Time

Since the first class boarding pass gives you a much shorter security check, you can afford to come later to the airport. Additionally, while getting off you will be given priority. Although it might only save you about 10-15 minutes, delays often propagate, and you can avoid that by flying first class.

  1. Networking

For businessmen, flying first class is more than just about being more productive. You get to meet extraordinarily qualified and interesting people, and can learn a great deal about their businesses or work. These people can help expand your network, and perhaps even refer you to a client that is looking for the product or service that your business provides.

  1. Amenities

A number of small perks, such as larger weight limits for checked in baggage, exquisite food and comfortable bedrolls and blankets, will ensure that your first class experience is one of the best. Before you get onto the plane, you can enjoy the luxurious lounge, with its numerous delicacies and facilities. Some airports even have spas and showers for their customers.

First class is, undoubtedly, a whole different experience than flying in economy class. It doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. With the right deals, you can find these tickets at excellent prices.

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