Fashion Charismatic ethnic styles that don’t need that gig of bling!

Fashion Charismatic Ethnic Styles that don’t Need that Gig of Bling!

Sometimes you don’t need to try too hard with your outfit and the decorations on it. Sometimes, the way to standout in a crowd full of various colours and designs is to tone it down. Yes, it is true! People may get nervous about feeling undressed but if you are flaunting it with confidence and grace, no one can steal your thunder. Here is a guide to do just that and with perfection:

Kanjivaram Sarees:

Buy Kanjivaram saree online that will be your best bet when it comes to looking decent and elegant. These sarees undoubtedly display a high level of sophistication.  Made with some of the purest and finest qualities of silk, this saree style has it all. The sarees do not contain any added embellishments and have a beautifully plain and smooth texture to it. The zari threads woven along with the silk are very peculiar and give an interesting illusion of colors to the eyes.

Some people like to have some decorative filler in the sarees. In order to curb down such desires, the sarees come in floral, garden, paisley and historic motifs intertwined in the saree with different colors of thread and guess what? They look just as decent, calm and elegant as the plain ones. That’s the magic of Kanjivaram sarees and you can never ever go wrong.  Buy Kanjivaram saree for perfection and they do not disappoint. You can go all heavy with the motifs or keep it down depending on the occasion and your role in it.

Tie your hair into a beautiful bun and adorn it with fresh garlands. Bring out the gold jewellery that you have been preserving in your lockers for so long.

Plain Sarees

If you are sceptical about wearing plain sarees, let me assure you, online plain saree can do wonders. You can be very smart and picky about the sarees though.

Choose the most suited colour for the event.

Party colours:

Royal blue, cherry red, deep red, hot pink, blush pink, golden, chrome yellow and dark green should be considered for parties. In order to complete your day party look, you could even opt for pastel shades.

Traditional colours:

Navy blue, scarlet red, baby pink, pomegranate, fuchsia pink, golden, lemon yellow, mustard, bottle green and pista green are some colours you should look forward to for traditional events.


In the contemporary vibe, there are multiple styles surfaced like many people are using woollen balls or tassels to complete the look. In order to give traditional touch and vibes even latkans are sorting options. The quiet and impactful styles could be well spotted in the virtual stores and feasibility in prices is another reason to shop from the online store. Round the clock one could easily place the orders.

If you are shopping for party and celebration events and planning to buy online plain sarees then opt for designer collections. Thin or super thin plain borders, velvet borders or lace borders are perfect for such occasions.

As the saying goes, ‘Less is more’!

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