Factors Regarding Immigration Points Calculator Canada

Canada is also given the name, the maple leaf nation. The newly developed immigration point calculator system of Canada will help to determine whether any candidate would qualify under the criteria of Canadian skilled worker pointing system. If you have skill regarding your work, you can consider this as a good option if you want to settle in Canada, as a skilled worker.

Factors considered for the Canadian immigrant point calculator

  • English and French-speaking, writing and speaking skills,
  • Education
  • Working experience
  • Age
  • Any arranged employment status in Canada
  • Adaptability

If the immigrant doesn’t have any degree or diploma from the Canadian government authorized college, then he/she have to get the education verified so to prove that the completed education the immigrant possess is equivalent to the Canadian credential. In the case the candidate does not have proper educational profile, the immigration to Canada points calculator point will decrease.

Calculations on point calculator for Canadian immigration

  • The points will be allotted to the immigrants who have a valid offer of employment in Canada. With the correct effort to give smooth labor market processes and with a reduction in the processing time of the employees and employers.

  • To make validation of the employment offer and to get the points for this selection criteria, the employer hiring the candidate have to demonstrate to the human resources and skill management Canada, that hiring of a worker from another country will have no effect or in most case, positive effect on the countries own labor market.

  • The calculator will provide an indication as for if the immigrant will be eligible enough for the job or for migration under the program. It will not guarantee to succeed, that the immigrant will be taken under the program and will be given the permanent resident status of Canada. There are lots of other criteria’s that the candidate must meet in the inclusion of the point calculator for Canada.

The parameters regarding the immigration to Canadian point calculator system

  • Skill transferring factor
  • Taking of spouse or law partner
  • Core human capital points
  • A various factor relating pre-nomination factors, Canadian degree or working experience along with job offer.

Applicants going without spouse or common-law partner

  • If the applicant is not accompanying lawful partner or spouse, then the immigrant can score up to 500 points for the factors related to core human capital,
  • Can score up to 100 points for skill transfer factors
  • 600 points for Canadian state nomination
  • Up to 200 points for managing or arranging a job in Canada,
  • Up to 30 points if the immigrant wishes to study in Canada

The aspirants who have common lawful partner/ spouse

  • Can gain up to 460 points for the factors related to the core human value and capital
  • Maximum 40 points for the factors related to core human value capital for the spouse
  • 600 points for nomination from any Canadian state
  • Maximum 200 points for arranging job in Canada
  • Up to 30 points for education in Canada.

As the new government now ruling the country, the IRCC has become alert and is trying the best to keep a check on the immigrants coming to Canada, in order to protect the country from the unimportant economic burden. Thus, the calculation regarding this system has a question that will it be easy for the immigrants to come and stay in Canada.


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