Explore the Highlights of the Dharamshala Mcleodganj Triund Trip

Do you want to enjoy some adventure in your life? Do you need to go beyond the boring lifestyle? If yes, then you can go for trekking in the beautiful location, which renders you several benefits.

When it comes to choosing a destination for trekking, many people choose Dharamshala Mcleodganj Triund and zanskar chadar trek. In this article, you will get to know details about both the destinations.

About Dharamshala McLeodganj Triund trip

Try to prepare yourself for some mysterious, cool, mesmerizing, and spectacular destinations, which are the part of this trip itinerary. This trip is the perfect combo for adventurous, cultural, and nature lovers. It will surely offer you a great impact experience in your lifetime.

Start your trip from Delhi and reach Dharmashala through the bus, which means you are beginning your journey with the changing weather and landscapes. At McLeodganj, you can experience the Himalayan freshness and beauty with rich cultural heritage.

It is a suburb of Dharamshala and also called as Dhasa and Litle Lhasa due to its enormous Tibetans population.  There are many places for sightseeing here such as St. John church, Dal Lake, local market, and so on.

Next, you will have 9kilometres trek from McLeodanj to Triund (the crown jewel of Dharamshala. It is actually located in the lap of Dhauladhar range, which has an exceptional view of the Dhauladhar Mountain on one side and other on the Kangra valley. Here, you will enjoy camping and magnificent Himalayan view.

Places to visit in McLeodgunj/Triund trip

The whole USP of the dharamshala mcleodganj triund trip has several things to do but below-mentioned are the most important places should visit in the trip.

Dal Lake – The route to Dal from the forest is quite mesmerizing. Before venturing into the forest, it is better to ask for the right direction. Even though the lake is small, it is serene and amazing.

Dharamkot – This destination is full of restaurants, which includes more foreigners owned restaurants so that you can enjoy a different variety of cuisines.

Bhagsunath falls – From McLeodgunj, the falls is just a kilometer. When you reach the falls, you will be amazed at this exotic beauty and excellent plate to stay. Additionally, you can eat yummy magi in the small shop

Glacier – There is a Glacier about the Triund. However, you did not get chance to visit the place, it is very beautiful and you should visit.

Have a new trekking experience at Zanskar Chadar trek

The Chadar trek is one of the most exhilarating and stunning winter treks across the blue planet. This trek is the thrilling expedition over the frozen Zanskar River. When you trek in this excellent trail, you will get a chance to explore the ancient Zanskar culture that is the blend of Indian and Tibetan culture.

Additionally, trekkers can spot some wildlife species like snow leopard, blue sheep, and ibex, which can be easily found in the frozen surroundings. However, before you plan for the winter trip, get to know more information about the Chadar trek.

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