Everything You Need To Know About Operable Walls

Walls are an indispensable part of your home and office. Having said that, we mean, no property be it residential or commercial is complete without the walls. After all, walls create enclosures that, in turn, give you privacy and the comfort of living with your loved ones and also to work at a fixed place. But, with the growing demand for space, especially in the bigger cities like London, space has become a constraint. The situation is worst in the posh localities and the business areas of the city. Therefore, people are increasingly relying on innovative solutions for an effective space management. That’s precisely how operable walls came into the market after many years of brainstorming.

Things that you should know about operable walls:

  • No fixed structure wall: This is no secret that a special type of walls popularly called operable walls is artificially manufactured at the factories. The scope and application of such walls in today’s time are increasing manifold, especially in the high-rise buildings and congested areas such as the business districts of a big city. It further connotes that having no fixed place and a permanent structure, these walls have truly revolutionised the modern day living.
  • Minimum effort walls: You will be happy to know that these walls are easy to install. In other words, people all over the world find these walls user-friendly and they have expressed satisfaction and confidence in these walls. Just push these walls on one side or keep those in your garage. That’s it. Hence, walls with mobility have now become the buyers’ first choice when it comes to create makeshift arrangements at home and office to meet exigencies like cabins, rooms, and the additional space for the conference hall, or to accommodate extra guests there.
  • One-time investment: Walls that you can take to places are also well known as the movable walls. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of movable walls is that the average lifespan is high, say 10-15 years based on the type and frequency of its’ uses. It means, once you invest money in buying these walls, you continue to enjoy its’ benefit for many years.
  • Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of movable walls is almost zero. Having said that, we mean, considering the lifespan and the multiple uses, the maintenance cost of these movable walls is abysmally low that, in turn, translates to your growth and profit as an individual or a business owner.
  • Unique solutions: Believe it or not, every structure is different in some ways or the other. The architectural nuances of a building create a lot of differences. Hence, no straightjacket solution is possible there. In other words, these walls have brought many revolutions befitting the needs of individuals and the industries alike.

In short, like the five fingers of your hand, operable walls are different from that of the traditionally fixed walls. However, the laws of the land and one’s desire of managing will never replace the other completely. It is your ingenuity to choose a wall that best suits your purpose.


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