Digestion and Epilepsy: Two Common Problems in Pregnancy

Digestive System and Indigestion

Pregnancy marks the most beautiful phase of woman’s life. It is said that a woman looks best when she is pregnant. The development of a baby from a single cell to a multicellular full grown is something very unique which only women can experience. However, along with all the joy, there are different perils also to hamper this happiness. Indians are by nature food lover. Indian cuisine is full of spice and oils which makes the food much more tasty and spicy. Normally Indians have the ability to digest all of these rich spice naturally, however, the capacity of digestion differs largely in case of a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, the level of hormones increases to a larger extent. Mainly during the time, the level of progesterone hormone is at large than normal time. This progesterone causes the valves to relax. This relaxation might cause problems in indigestion also. Thus causing different digestion problem in the pregnant lady. Diarrhea, cramps, and irritations are very much common symptoms during pregnancy.

Cause of the Digestion discomfort during pregnancy

When a lady is about to be pregnant, there are a lot of changes that occur in the woman’s body. These changes are mainly regulated by the hormonal systems and the secretion of hormones, that are very much pregnancy specific. These increase amount of secretions of hormones causes a change in the mental and physical being of the whole body. These changes are very much specific and are also very much characteristic of the body condition. These changes are also very much associated with different side effects. Indigestion is one of the most common symptoms experienced by the pregnant woman. Because of these, care should be taken to avoid these problems.

To treat these problems

Pregnancy digestion medicine that is prescribed for a pregnant woman during their gestation is very much similar to that of the medicines that are prescribed to the normal peoples with the non-pregnant condition. However, the normal healthy habits and proper exercise every day can keep the digestion problem at bay. The food taken by the pregnant woman should contain a lot of fiber as fiber enhances digestion. And spicy, greasy and oily food should be avoided strictly as those spices and oils are very much difficult to digest especially for a pregnant woman.


Epilepsy is the most common neurological disease that is prevalent in pregnant women. Epilepsy is characterized by a chronic disturbance in the nervous system, either due to excess activity or due to very less or very less indistinctive activity in the brain cells. Seizures, unexplained dizziness, contraction in the limbs etc are the most distinctive feature of being epileptic. Along with the seizures, epilepsy may also be the cause of many brain problem and infections. For a pregnant woman, it can cause birth defects also if it is left untreated. Birth defects like preterm birth, miscarriage, defect in the formation of brains resulting in abnormality and autism.


Normal epilepsy medicine during pregnancy is used to treat the epileptic condition in a pregnant woman. However, the side effects are much with these medicines. So the medicines must be used under the supervision of expert doctors.

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