The development of your child into an independent individuals

Some people have a wrong notion that the fees in the boarding schools are exorbitantly high, it is just another means of making money.Somehow it is very unfortunate for them either they are not aware of the factor or they are just dogmatic.Firstly, in terms of money the fees are not that high, but how can one forget the exposure to such holistic curriculum which empowers the students to acquire inquiry–based thinking ability, the righteous attitude and of course attain an academic excellence.Moreover, in case of non-residential schools, you do not get that supportive environment and the student-teacher ratio is not at all favorable.Then, again think  about the exposure to the global academic network and development as an independent individual with social commitments. After getting this relevant knowledge, someone still has his or her arguments, then it is just a matter of dogmatism, nothing else.

The rational fee structure covers all expenses

Basically, the structure of the fees in such schools is made by registration fees, non-refundable admission fees, refundable security deposit, school fees per term (different for various levels) and an imprest deposit. Now, the deposit is kept for meeting the expenses towards the purchase of uniform or other study materials and other miscellaneous contingencies, in case any  excess amount  required, then it is debited in the name of the students, with prior permission from the parents. Delay in payment of fees will attract a very minimum late fine, in case the parents want to withdraw their child, then prior three months notice has to be served and the students who remain in the hostel for preparing for the examination, have to pay extra charges.

Considering the school overhead expenses the fees are reasonable

In relation to boarding school fees in india, it is found that the schools also have to charge for the various developmental expenses towards infrastructure and education just think of the most advanced laboratories, the high-end equipment, the maintenance cost of the vast school campus and the cost towards technology assisted security system.There are separate charges for the stay and the food in the hostel or sometimes it is included in annual charges.The moment you have a wrong gut feeling that the fees are high which is not, then again you  have to think about the various benefits your child and the entire family will get.

Right kind of exposure to innovative teaching methods

It is for sure that in relation to boarding school fees,the benefits are much more, because the student,with the help of the integrated learning, they develop the belief that he or she can face all types of challenges in life,even in the global context. You will find your child when grown into an adolescent boy or girl acquires all the human qualities, analytical skills, leadership qualities and excellent academic skills. You do have to also consider the daily exposure to technology assisted, interactive sessions and the participation in debates sharpen the analytical and reasoning skills. Students do not get these advantages in non-residential  schools.

The development of independent and self-reliant attitudes

It is quite rudimentary that keeping children in the boarding school definitely lend them an opportunity to grow and develop independent and self-reliant attitudes towards life.His or her carrier is also secured in the sense that the exposure they get in such schools.They truly realize that learning is a lifelong process.

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