Tandoori Roti

Delicious Side Dishes You Can Have with Tandoori Roti

While it comes about the staple food of India, rice and roti are two main food items to have here. The only difference you can get is the style of preparation of them. If soft rotis of wheat flour are the style of the Bengal, you will find thick, flatbreads in the Northern part of the country. These are known as tandoori roti. Actually, ‘Tandoor’ is a type of clay oven which is used to prepare these flatbreads. Such rotis are made of wheat flour and you need some yummy side dishes to celebrate your appetite.

You can have it with veg and non-veg items. If you want to have non-veg item, you will get myriads of the option. Are you a vegan? Don’t get disheartened as there are multitudes of options for you as well. Have a look-

  1. Kadai Paneer– The list has been started with a veg item only to make you know that the combination of tandoori roti and kadhai paneer will give tough competition to nay non-veg side dish. If you want a weekend dinner with tandoori roti, have this side dish with it.
  2. Crumbled Egg Curry– Imagine, you are going on a long drive with your friends and there is a roadside ‘dhaba’ where you can have your lunch! Tandoori roti with crumbled egg curry can make your journey even better.
  3. Dal Makhani– This is one of the famous and most popular veg dishes to have with tandoori roti. While different types of grams are cooked together with spices and butter, it tastes delicious. And the aroma is charming!
  4. Achaari Chicken– Without chicken, how the list will be completed? If you want to give your taste buds a thud of spices and tangy taste, this is the best combination you can try. It tastes lip-smacking, but only try if you love and can handle too much spicy food.
  5. Baby Corn Kurma– While talking about veg side dish, people often think paneer is the only option. What to do if you don’t prefer that? Don’t worry as baby corn is here. Baby corn kurma is really tasty and it is kind of experimental dish you must try.
  6. Mutton Dalcha– Talking about non-veg side dish and not including mutton will be a mistake. If you are having tandoori roti, pair it with mutton dalcha. This preparation of mutton is not that much rich and you can keep your lunch light and yummy with this.
  7. Rajma Masala– Tandoori roti and rajma masala is another great combination for vegans. Not only that, but non-vegetarians also like this pairing and they can make it more interesting by adding scrambled egg or keema.
  8. Butter Chicken– Last, but definitely not the least, butter chicken will win the heart of all. This preparation is so popular that you can get it almost anywhere in the world where Indian cuisine is available.

These are only a few from the huge list of side dishes. You can prepare them at home, but ordering tandoori roti from restaurants will be the best.

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