Comparison of Best Virtual Phone Number Providers

There are large numbers of Virtual phone Number providers in the market, so for the customers it is better to compare the service providers in terms of advance features, pricing, services etc. before opting for it. It is extremely important for the customers to opt and purchase that virtual phone system which is most suitable by evaluating their unique features; various alternatives etc. and then select the best product for the best efficiency of an organization.

The Virtual Phone Number is one of the most affordable cloud based phone system, the. The virtual phone number makes the life more convenient for the customers by providing amazing features at affordable prices.  These phone numbers facilities have unique features as the client calls are never missed, it keeps the personal number private and with the unlimited text messages can stay in touch with the customers. It builds the customer trust, manages call flow with an auto-receptionist and records the call without any loss of calls record and it is maintained by the well- trained staff. With the help of easy user interface, any business can set up their phone system in less than 3 minutes. There are lots of service providers of Virtual phone Number in the modern era of well advanced technology.

Qualities of Virtual Phone Number

The calls made through virtual phone system are affordable, easy and effective. No hardware is needed for it. There is transparency in the system, no long term contract or cancellation fees are charged. The virtual phone numbers are allotted under different plans or schemes such as Silver, Platinum or Basic. The price scheme is either monthly or annual subscription. It serves all the solutions adhering to all business requirements linked with the phone support system. The advance features includes Call recording, Voice mail, IVR system, Automatic call distribution, customized messages, contact management, Priority emails, working hrs/day, shared contacts, call hold with custom music, Android app, call notifications, call mute, power dialer, voicemail in email, click to call, voicemail custom greeting, call from any number, outbound caller id and custom integration. Customer support is provided through phone, ticket, training or live support. There are different types of customers having different types of business like small business, medium or large enterprises. The OS supported facility includes Windows, Android, Mac, IOS or web based.

The other types of plan schemes include Express, Professional & Enterprise at different prices. The pricing scheme under it includes one- time payment or annual subscription. The excellent features of virtual phone number includes voice mail, call queues, call control, unlimited concurrent calls, personalized greetings, call disposition & notes, international numbers, email notifications, desktop notifications, compiled contact lists, automated tasks, call monitoring, real time reporting, web to lead, enhanced caller id, built in CRM, data import & synchronization. Customer support is provided through small or medium business or large enterprises. OS support is done through Windows, Mac & web- based.

Thus it becomes easy for customers to make choice by the comparison and ultimately can take decision and can select best virtual phone Number service provider.


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