Welcome New Year

Top 3 Ways to Welcome New Year

New Year is an exciting time of the year as it is the time when we put all our past aside and wait for a new beginning and an unsure future. It is also the end of a fruitful, eventful year with many memories to look back and cherish about. These memories include good times […]

Victory of Good over Evil

Dussehra is one of the famous festivals of India and largely celebrated by the Hindus. We celebrate Dussehra at the tenth day right after nine days Navratri, it generally falls in the month of September-October in winters that are in achieving month according to Hindu calendar. After twenty days of Dussehra Diwali falls, this is […]


Buying Games Online

Thanks to our mobile phones getting smarter and more advanced, it’s becoming the number one thing we can’t let go off. People are constantly clutching their hand-held devices as if they were going to lose it. Whenever you see someone using their phones they’re either scrolling through their social media pages or playing games. Their […]