The Brazenness of Bhojpuri Songs

The Brazenness of Bhojpuri Songs

While the world is celebrating eradicating patriarchal traditions and ensuring equal rights for women everywhere, the Bhojpuri music industry seems to be sleeping in some other dimension altogether.   For long, Bhojpuri songs have been criticized for portraying women in a bad light, but what is actually quite surprising is that it has continues to […]

How To Make The Boat Party A Grand Success

Almost all of us attend and organise parties or other events for celebrating happy moments in our lives. Such functions are usually celebrated in spacious buildings, community or banquet halls or marriage palaces. Hundreds of guests participate in these functions that could be arranged in religious places too. Many guys love to invite their known […]

Welcome New Year

Top 3 Ways to Welcome New Year

New Year is an exciting time of the year as it is the time when we put all our past aside and wait for a new beginning and an unsure future. It is also the end of a fruitful, eventful year with many memories to look back and cherish about. These memories include good times […]