HR Franchise

Top Reasons Why You Need HR Franchise

The importance of HR Franchise is being debated in workplaces almost every day. Some employees see HR as something that’s systematizing and traumatizing arm of the higher executive management. Worst, some employees regard these staff as gatekeepers who have little to nothing interest when it comes to the concerns of employees. Some would even see […]

A Brief Guide to Exam Proctoring Services

Online proctoring has gained prominence in the education sector with its modern technology. This innovative testing tool has empowered the students with the option to take the tests anywhere and anytime. Any student or professional now can have the opportunity to upgrade their skills, degrees in order to pursue professional development at their own comfort. […]

Tips to create an online course quickly

The good news is that there are things you can do to get your course delivered in a timely manner. However, I must mention that you should never sacrifice the quality of your course simply so that you can “get something out there”. A full course that comes later to the market is better than […]