Why Canada Is One of the Most Desired Immigration Destinations in the World?

People from all over the world are always looking for a nice change in terms of working and living environment that also ensures peace of mind that stable growth to their professional careers will be offered at the same time. Canada is one such country of the world and in recent years, has been allowing a great number of well-qualified people immigration and even permanent residency status when their set rules and regulations are followed.

People from the GCC states such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman or any part of the UAE find Canada particularly engaging because of its cooler weather and luxurious lifestyle. The certain visible preference of Canadian government to grant entry to qualified and educated people from around the world works great in favor of anyone living in any of the GCC states or countries. Visa application process is made easy and you can find reliable high quality immigration consultants in Dubai or other parts of the GCC who will help you gain immigration status for Canada through the quickest most efficient route. If you are looking at certain factors that highlight why Canada is one of the most desired immigration destinations in the world, here are some:

One of the Most Developed Labor Markets

Canada has one of the most established labor markets in the world where there are all kinds of working opportunities available. In fact, Canada was ranked number 7 in the world by the World Economic Forum when it comes to the labor market and its efficiency. A highly efficient labor market means correct people can be allocated for correct jobs making use of foreign immigrant’s full skillset to its maximum potential.

Digging deeper into the macroeconomics level, this efficient labor market also implies that certain workers can be shifted within various departments or job natures when needed in order to make up for shortages at certain times of the year. A shortage of workforce in Quebec located factories can easily be made up for by shifting labor force from the oil sands in Alberta at a low cost. Attractive incentives can also be in place in this efficient market encouraging workers to perform at their peak levels all the time.

Educated and Qualified Migrants are Valued

Canada is one country that values education and qualification better than any other in the world. Even most of the labor class people have respectful qualifications to their names. This is because of the points based immigration systems that is in place and allocates some serious points to verifiable degree holders from around the world. You need to have qualification based skills in order to gain immigration status into Canada and the country prioritizes people who have studied in quality institutes as well.

This interest of the Canadian government for educated and qualified people from around the world is largely because of their aging population. The average Canadian in the last decade was aged somewhere in their late 40’s or even early 50’s, which was just not enough for a growing country. Government took the initiative of letting qualified migrants come to their lands and offer their skills strengthening the country’s labor force manifolds. When looking for reasons why Canada is one of the most desired immigration destinations in the world, its favoritism towards qualified personal is a top one indeed.

Canada Has Been Doing Great Economically

Since 2008, most of the world has been struggling with one of the worst credit crunches in history. Although many countries have now recovered from it, Canada never experienced it in their own economic foreground. This is because of many reasons including well-capitalized banks, huge public infrastructure spending and also a very strong influx of capable immigrants. For the last year, there was a steady 1.2% growth in Canada’s population that was well above the 0.7% seen in the US.

Most of this population growth was younger immigrants who got the call because of age points they were able to gain for being between the ages of 25 and 35. If not for that, the country’s 20 – 44 year old population would’ve seen a constant decline. This relationship between better economic performance and influx of capable qualified younger immigrants into the country has been duly noted and the government continues to find more ways of allowing capable people into their borders.

Direct Opportunity for Citizenship

Once a person with immigration lands in Canada and lives in the country for anything in excess of 3 years, it becomes very easy for them to apply and qualify for a formal Canadian citizenship. Any quality Canadian immigration consultant from Dubai or any other part of GCC will tell you this upfront when you are preparing your case submission for immigration to Canada and should work as a great motivator for you.

Being able to gain permanent Canadian citizenship is always a plus for anyone from the GCC. You can easily travel between your original country and Canada whenever required without any hesitation at all.

Canadian Nationals Can Travel Easy

Canada along with the US, UK and Europe, is one of the most respected nationalities around the world. Whether you are looking for a central Asian holiday or a South America jungle safari is what interests you, going there without any lengthy formal requirements will always be a plus.

All these factors and also the added assurance of access to government funds and allowances work together as great attractions towards Canadian immigration status. As soon as an immigrant lands in the country, they are eligible to initial allowances that are quite enough for an average living. After finding a good job where you’re earning gets sufficient enough, there will be no need for such funds and allowance grants at all.

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