A Brief Guide to Exam Proctoring Services

Online proctoring has gained prominence in the education sector with its modern technology. This innovative testing tool has empowered the students with the option to take the tests anywhere and anytime. Any student or professional now can have the opportunity to upgrade their skills, degrees in order to pursue professional development at their own comfort. With the increasing popularity of e-learning, the online proctoring has become the top consideration for learning centers now.

The online proctoring is a kind of a digital assessment which allows an individual to take the exam from any location. This form of assessment allows the students to sit their exams anywhere and anytime in a reliable way. The student’s screen is being monitored and images are being taken in order to prevent them from engaging in any fraudulent activity. There are three types of exam proctoring services and they are known as live proctoring, automated proctoring, and subsequent proctoring. The live proctoring is the oldest amongst all of them. This form of online examination system is similar to the real-life exam hall where a proctor monitors the entire situation, remotely. The proctor is allowed to intervene during the test which is similar to a real-life exam hall. The biggest disadvantage of this form of online proctoring is its restricted scalability and the requirement of scheduling the exam in prior.

 The individual isn’t allowed to log in as soon as they feel like. The subsequent proctoring is known for saving images and videos of the entire session so that it can be reviewed by the proctors at a later time. The benefit of this form of online proctoring is that the individual can sit for the test whenever they feel like they are ready. The individual can log in and start the exam without scheduling it earlier. The advantage of this format is that a large number of students can take the exams at the same time which is great. One of the drawbacks of this format is that the proctor cannot intervene if the camera isn’t in a correct position or there’s no full view available of the desk. The automated proctoring has gained much popularity lately.

 Proctors are no longer needed to monitor the entire session. The in-built software of the proctoring services detects if there is any fraudulent activity. Then the proctor is being notified of the specific moments so that it can be reviewed for further information. Automatic proctoring is known for making the whole process smooth and efficient. It also saves a lot of time and money as there’s no image or video which needs to be reviewed.

The proctoring services have become a better way to help the students to sit for tests at home as they don’t need to wait for a specific time frame for an exam. They also receive the proper guidance with regard to privacy and other risks. Researchers have considered online proctoring to be one of the most interesting developments which are a positive addition to students, working professionals, and people from all walks of life.

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