Best Web Hosting Company For Your Startup Plans

Nowadays” startup” can mean anything. A startup can be florist selling flowers online or it can be a multi-millionaire company from Silicon Valley. In the end, startup is all about ideas, innovation, and motivation to make a small dream into a successful reality. So, a startup of all shapes and sizes needs a web hosting but they all also have different web hosting needs. Also, startup needs to build an online presence and get their brand or product seen. It should be done quickly so that they can focus on growing their business instead of fighting with a website. No matter which industry or startup size you belong to, we’ve compiled a list of the best web hosting resources for your specific needs.

There are many web hosting companies but we have shortlisted the best one’s for you:-

  • HostGator:This website provides a different level of confidence and satisfaction. All thanks to the tech supports via email, phone, social media or live chat. Also apart form that they have other resources and ways to get additional help. Other company gives 30 days money back guarantee HostGator provides with 15 days extra to decide if you want to continue or cancel your hosting services.To design your website from scratch they provide you with thousands of services like templates, customized tools, also they provide you with an open array of application for managing content, e-commerce, wiki and also blogging. They also offers there customers with unlimited email addresses and with that a large number of email tools, as well as free site builder and control panel demos.
  • iPage:this web hosting company provides and deliver unlimited features and value added services. Also it regularly it’s sharing hosting on sale. For instance its current promotion isi of $1.99pepr month to $23.88 a year. You just need to $14.99 for the first year of domain name. but you can set-up and domain migration foe free. You will get unlimited domain, add-on domain, parked domain, and subdomains. Other value added services that they provide are types of advertising credits and free listing on There 24*7 tech support is honored with SSL certificate, a cPanel for easy management and user-friendly website.
  • GoDaddy:you must have heard about GoDaddy. This web hosting company provides you with unlimited features and services. The hosting website company provides you with email hosting. Apart from that, it provides you with 500 e-mail accounts. It provides you with webmail support an e-mail forwarder. It also has auto responder which works instantly. It has spam free protection as well to keep your work and files safe. The website price varies from $4 to$8/mo (Economy), $6 to $11/mo (Deluxe) and $9 to $17/mo (Ultimate). Otherwise you can also go for the Godaddy $1 Web Hosting to grab more discount.
  • GreenGeeks: you must have heard about GoDaddy which is also one of the web hosting companies like HostGator. GreenGeek provides you with the email hosting. It also provides with you unlimited features and services. Also apart from that GreenGeek provides you with 500 email accounts. It also provides you with webmail support and email forwarder. It also has auto responder which works instantly. It also has a spam free protection as well to keep your work and files safe which is inbuilt. The website prices vary from $4 to $8/mo (economy), $6 ti $11/mo (deluxe) and $9 to $17/mo (ultimate).
  • A Small Orange:A Small Orange provides many shared plans, which include tiny plans for mall startups. Medium plans for average size businesses. And super plans for complex websites. They provide and offer a VPS r dedicated hosting plan for every business. This web hosting company has a large number of hosting services, unlimited email addresses and web applications like CMS software, forum, blogs apps, and forum and calendar functionality. It also provides tool for education and retail websites, survey tools and wiki. But negative aspects of this webs hosting company is, it has limited wand width and disk space across all the plans. And also it has no ability to create mobile website. The cost for shared annual hosting range varies from $35 TO $240. The cost for domain migration is $15 and $15.55 for the domain name.

To sum up

With pros and cons and difference between range prices and fees, features and services, this list illustrate and shows that there is many type of website hosting solution for every type of start-up.

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