Advanced Technology for Visual Support Launched by Chevrolet

Road and car accidents are the worst possible things that can shatter the lives of people without any prior-notice. The negativity extends beyond measures, when unintentionally you end up harming your own family for some wrongly taken split-second decision. Though there’s no point in blame gaming, we can’t leave the course of intense analysis it requires to prevent such things from happening to anyone in the future. Fortunately enough there are some auto making brands who are doing their best to reduce the chances of such untoward incidents or simply speaking, accidents. Chevrolet is one such name that is in constant pursuit of bringing out solutions after extensive researches and analysis.

A Smart Solution from Chevrolet

At the Goldsboro Chevrolet dealer office, we were explained that Chevrolet engineers found lower visibility to be often the reason behind such accidents. They realized this simple fact that if the driver gets to see his surroundings much in advance, it won’t be difficult for him to take a timely action. That is why Chevrolet has introduced Visual Support Technology to enhance the safety aspect in every Chevrolet vehicle released in the recent days.

Targeting Fast-Moving Objects

What is the most common reason of lack of visibility? Speed. When you drive, you are moving at a seed while objects around you too move at a speed. When you are unable to locate a fast moving object that comes in your way, and your vehicle keeps moving on before you can notice them, the disaster happens.

The most crucial of such situations happen because children and animals move quickly, a car or other vehicle also can just enter your driveway at a break-neck speed, and you don’t get the chance to take any action to avoid them.

Surround Vision Technology

Installing the new Surround Vision Technology installed in several 2018 year models Chevrolet  has taken a strong foot forward to improve the driver’s visibility around the vehicle in all directions.

How it Works

Today urban lives got uplifted to the next level with the help of the smart systems encircling us. In the vehicles these systems get enhanced in collaboration with other sensors and can intuitively understand the angle and action of the vehicle, like when it is reversing or taking a turn. From there it starts activating the four cameras placed at strategic points of the vehicle to provide the driver a detailed 360-degree view of whatever is happening around the vehicle.

Additionally two mirrors are placed on each side of the vehicle, while at the front grille a forward-looking camera is placed while a rear-facing camera supervises the rear side of the vehicle. All the cameras stream the images together and send to the touchscreen display continuously and seamlessly. This work almost like adding a pair of eyes at every direction to help the driver take the right decisions at the right time as he can now get a clear and real-time footage of whatever is taking place immediately surrounding him. This Surround Vision also helps the driver filling up the holes if any that can happen to the most careful driver. The expert Team Chevrolet of Goldsboro showed us that this technology is installed in all the latest vehicles from Chevrolet like the Traverse, Equinox and Bolt.

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