A Quick Guide to Buy the Best Ceiling Fans

Your decision to buy ceiling fans should not only depend on the price, but also on the performance of the fans and the purpose of buying the fans. Whether you are buying fans for your home or for your office space, there are a host of things you should consider before buying these especially if you want to buy ceiling fans in bulk.

Popularity and purpose of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are the most popular in India and most households and offices have ceiling fans as they are more convenient and don’t occupy any ground space. There is no need to move the fans from one place to another while cleaning or moving out. Once installed, these fans serve their purpose beautifully and require minimal or no maintenance for a long time! Ceiling fans come with different sweeps as well as motor capacity. The base fans are an ideal choice for limited budget. However, if you want the fans to match your interior décor and overall look of the space, you can also go for the decorative fans. Both the base and decorative fans are appealing and provide maximum performance and are equally popular.

How to choose and buy ceiling fans

When you are planning to buy ceiling fans in bulk, it is going to be a big investment and you have to get the best one because you will probably not be investing on ceiling fans again and again. Here are few tips that can help you choose the right fans for your home, shop or corporate office –

Performance – of course the main factor is that the fan should give the maximum air moving efficiency as well as consistency. It should work perfectly on all the different speeds smoothly.

Energy efficiency – since the weather in India favours usage of fan almost throughout the year, it is important that the bills are not high even with heavy usage. This means that the fans should help you save the energy and electricity. More than the cost of the fans, it should be the savings from energy efficiency that you should consider in the long run.

Durability – most brands give a good warranty for the fans. However, some fans are innovatively designed and have quality construction and material which improves stability and gives a longer performance life. This means you don’t have to worry about replacing any parts or the fan itself for a long time.

Maintenance – with technology improving by the day, there are many base and decorative ceiling fans that have a dust-free coating. Ceiling fans need you to have proper equipment for cleaning and it is not feasible to clean the fans every other day. If the fans don’t gather dust too easily, this is definitely a plus point to consider.

Look and feel –if you are planning it for a simple shop, a base fan is just enough for you in terms of your budget and purpose. But, for a place with intricate interior work, you always have the option of choosing the decorative fans that add the necessary elegance to your office or home décor.

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