7 ways to wear a monochromatic outfit

As the winter spreads its blanket all over, this is an apt season to adorn a monochrome look. Monochromatic looks have always been a hit with women from all over the world. You can never really go wrong with a monochromatic look. But here are a few tips to ace your one color get up and slay the party with your style.

But first, what is a monochromatic outfit?

The Monochromatic outfit as the name suggests is the outfit that comprises of the pieces of a single color. But that’s not it. Here’s the trick which makes your look from boring to interesting, that you don’t have to stick to one color but you can allow yourself to mix the shades and tints of that color you choose.

The best part of dressing up in a monochromatic outfit is that you can virtually pick any color of our choice and achieve the desired results. The key to a successful look is to keep the balance between the textures and shades of the color chosen. Not all colors might look good in all fabrics. So remember to choose wisely.

To help you get started, here are the top favorite monochromatic looks:

Black – The Ultimate Escape

For the lovers of black, this is not a new look. From the era when steel-boned corsets came in the seducing color of black to this era where black is the ultimate go-to option for any occasion, black monochrome looks have stood the test of time.  While the easiest way to get this look is to wear a little black dress with black stilettos, but you can also throw in some other clothes for another black monochromatic look. For example, a black tee with black denim would give the perfect casual vibes and get a black leather jacket to perk it up for the night out.


White – The Sophisticated Stance

If there is x amount of black lovers, then there must be an equal amount of lovers of white for sure. A white monochrome isn’t only what Christian brides go for, it is way more than that. White is the color that is often instantly related with sophistication and class. Own it and define your style in this premium look. Grab a white top, with a white skirt and a short jacket to go with. Add white heeled-pumps for footwear and there will be no one like you.


Pink – Shades of Beauty

This is often a lesser tried monochromatic look but if carried with ultimate caution can make you a head turner in the crowd and for all the good reasons. To grace the feminine shade of pink, one has to be careful not to overdo anything. The best way is to mix up two or more shades and tints for the best outcome. Combine a breezy blush pink dress with a darker toned coat or jacket with a similar pair of bellies and you are ready for the perfect day date.


Red – Make it bold

The all red look, though heavily popular, has mostly been supported by celebrities and can be easily spotted at the red carpet of bigger events. You can be the part of the bandwagon too. Thought the red dresses are always a cliche, but they are also the safest bet for this monochromatic look. But to give it a little twist you can choose to pick up one of those breezy maxi split dresses. Arrange a red loose shoulder jacket or shrug. Complete the look with red gumboots and you are ready to rock your new avatar.


Neutral Nude – Bare all colors

Have an informal meeting to attend and you want to create a fashion statement as well? Nude colors have been picked up by the trends and have been everyone’s favorite ever since then. Get the matching blazer and pants with a less tinted under-top to go with. Perfect for a formal setting, you can give it an informal twist with a pair of matching sneakers. The sling bag of varying tone but similar color fills the void perfectly for the remaining look.


Blue – Beating away the blues

What could be the best way to beat those Monday blue? Wear Red mostly would say. But what else could be better than wearing blue instead? The monochromatic blue look comes out really well when picked up different hues of the same color. Blue offers almost the widest range of shades and tints to choose from and can merge easily for every skin tone too. And when it comes to blue why need to forget our good old denim? Pair your denim with a similar denim shirt or any blue top and add to it a navy blue short jacket style coat with unforgettable velvet boots. The touch of velvet gives the look more winter feels.


Grey – The New Black

Like Black, Grey is everyone’s favorite too. Though might seem gloomy to many, this color like blue offers enough shades and tints to choose from. If you don’t want to choose from the plethora of shades grey has to offer, you can experiment with some prints and patterns too. Match the grey striped shirt with the charcoal grey pair of trousers. Combine it with the light grey self-textured blazer to complete the look. The low-heeled block heels would suit perfectly for your formal look.


Though these are the hottest monotones that are picked up the most you can also create your own looks with colors like brown, tan, maroon, wine, etc. To perk up your monotone looks, you can choose accessories of popping color and make a whole new style statement. Or you can go for complimenting shade of footwears instead of the monotones. There can be alternative make-up choices as well if not the colors of the accessories or footwear.

One make-up hack that can go with almost any of your monochromatic look is the red lipcolor to lift up your face together with your ensemble. And ofcourse, don’t forget to add that pretty smile because you know it is the most important accessory for any women out there.

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