10 Hillarious Gifts to Leave the Nurses Giggling

A pinch of fun in our everyday life is very important. It gives us the energy to g kickstart a day.  A nurse always deal with diseases and trauma. So If you have a friend that is going to be a nurse you can make her day with your humor. Or maybe you want to prank someone in your hospital. So let’s get started with our funny nurse gifts ideas.

  1. Plush Organs:

Plush organs look very cute and funny. These can be used as a role-playing to show how some of the organs get affected by germs and diseases. It can get the attention of younger patients and get them some comfort. They will heal fast with these.

  1. Human organs lunchbox:

Everyone will be serious about seeing this lunchbox with you. They all will get out of your way seeing this. They will think that a serious operation is going on. They will be left in awestruck seeing burgers or any tasty dish there.

  1. Giant gummy Heart:

 Gummy made in a shape of a giant human heart. People will cringe seeing this if your friend eats in front of them. You can gift your friend this. This is made with gummies. Bears are also made with this gummy and they are yummy.

  1. Pee Sample Candy

Another sickening but hilarious gift is pee sample candy. You can prank your friend with this gift. It will be hilarious to see your friend eating this. This is not like a typical urine sample. It is a really tasty candy.

  1. Target Alarm Clock:

Nurses always do their job for 12 hours day. Because of this, they feel sleepy and sometimes sleeps at work. To save your friend from this embarrassment gift them a target alarm clock. To turn this off, you need to target the bull’s eye. Thus they will be in full concentration at work.

  1. Shut the hell up gum:

Talking to stupid people is another duty of nurses. They feel annoyed by this. To save them from this be with their side as a best friend. Gift them shut the hell up gum. Just offering this will stop stupid people from talking.

  1. Bandaged rubber band holder:

Women are notorious for keeping thousands of rubber bands in their hair. The bandaged rubber band holder is a guy with a bump on his head. Every time she keeps a band where it will look like the band holder has a bandage on.

  1. Idiot Zone Crime scene tape

Dealing with Idiots is a nurse’s daily affair. Keeping an idiot zone crime scene tape will leave them in shame. Then they will not blabber afterward. Your friend will not have to spend on migraine tablets after that.

  1. Giant Microbes:

Funny giant microbes will come to work for junior patients. Babies will find them cute and funny. Your friend will also be able to show them which microbe affects in which organ. There are many ways to use them. The babies will also be able to play with them.

  1. Be Nice Refrigerator Magnet:

Giving this gift your nurse friend will not only give her a light-hearted moment but also help her with various works. This is because people keep annoying nurses for no reason. Sometimes they misbehave. Keeping this magnet in office table will warn them that nurses are in charge of how much sedative and painkillers they get. After this, they will treat nurses the way they want themselves to be treated.


 There is no steadfast rule for fun. You can always experiment with your own sense of humor to choose the best gifts for someone dear to you. Good luck with funny nurse gifts and do not get hurt anyone for the sake of fun only.

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